A few weeks ago, I was invited on a press trip to Michigan, where I would join 11 other influencers to take a look at Domino’s Pizza from every angle.  I may be a well known customer at my local Domino’s store, so when I found out we would tour the Domino’s World Resource Center, meet the Domino’s Pizza CEO and make my own pizza in the test kitchen, I counted down the days until #DPZBloggerDay14

#DPZBloggerDay14 Taking a tour through the Domino’s Supply Chain was interesting!  We put on our lab coats and (pink) hard hats and saw the care, consistency and safety measures that go into each ball of dough!  It was a fun tour that anyone would appreciate seeing, and watching 100 balls of dough being made per minute is something I won’t soon forget!

#DPZBloggerDay14Our group then went into the test kitchen to try our hand at pizza making, which I had anticipated all day!  We pressed out the dough, added just the right amount of sauce and then saw a plethora of toppings.  The possibility to add any topping to my pizza had me overwhelmed, though I immediately thought about a pizza for my children: black olives for one child, pepperoni for another and pineapple for my youngest.  I added a few bell peppers, mushrooms and sausage to make a pizza I could eat every single day!  It was delicious!

#DPZBloggerDay14The CEO of Domino’s, Patrick Doyle, along with other executives, joined us for casual conversations over lunch.  Mr. Doyle told us about his favorite pizza (he leans to the classic pepperoni) and shared a little information on the future of the company.  We asked questions on being the CEO of Domino’s and listened to plans for technological advances.  #DPZBloggerDay14We then heard from the social media and technology teams, who shared insights on “working the back end.”  Have you taken a look at the Domino’s instagram page?  There, you will see hundreds of incredible pizzas that make my stomach growl!  (Yes, even at 8am.  I do love cold pizza for breakfast!)  The technology team was eager to tell us about the new Dom app, which is like the Siri for Domino’s.  It’s available for Apple and Android devices, and before you run to download this, let me be the first to tell you Dom is incredibly cool and fun to play with!  Order your pizza and ask Dom a joke. Then ask Dom if he is single or what college he went to.  This guy is ready to chat when you are!   It was interesting to hear the process behind social media and technology before taking a tour of the Domino’s Information Services department. 

It was an interesting trip with something fun around every corner!  I look forward to a great relationship with Domino’s, starting with the conversation I am about to have with Dom.  (Today, I’m ordering a pepperoni pizza and the Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple Specialty Chicken!)  What is your favorite thing to order from Domino’s?




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  1. I wish I had a smartphone so I could download DOM! It was nice meeting you during Domino’s Pizza Blogger Day. It was definitely a wonderful, whirlwind trip.

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