As a mom of 4, recently giving birth to my son, I’m excited to share the many moments of motherhood with friends in the same situations I find myself in.  Whether you have a newborn, an active baby or a toddler, the transition can be fun, stressful and full of memories!  I was excited to host an #Amazinghood party (sponsored by Dreft) and show other moms how to hold on to the baby days and cherish them forever.

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Each week, I go through totes of stored clothes from when my “big kids” were younger, and I’m reminded of just how fast the days of “baby” go.  Motherhood is an amazing journey, and sometimes we get super stressed with the daily tasks of diaper changing, feeding and of course, washing laundry.  Fortunately, Dreft has a line of products that are available to help make the days easier and preserve the memories that can come when the washing machine turns on.

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As I prepared for my Amazinghood party, I recalled conversations I’ve had with other new moms over the years.  From advice on products and parenting tips, Dreft is always one of my suggestions.  Although it’s often left off of baby registries, it’s a product that will make any new mom look forward to laundry! Have you ever tried it?

dreft amazinghood

If you’ve never seen these bottles of baby laundry detergent, let me tell you… you better get your uterus ready!  Dreft laundry products get out the food, poop and everyday stains that you don’t even think are possible with a child who just learned to crawl.  And they smell incredible.  Like, close your eyes and imagine a baby’s smell.  Now multiply that by 10 and you get Dreft.  Dreft is the #1 recommended laundry detergent by pediatricians and dermatologists.  They’ve been around for over 80 years, providing products to families with precious little members to care for.

As you come back to reality, it’s hard to forget the mess that makes you need Dreft in the first place.  Let’s use my newborn, for instance.  Have you ever tried a new pack of diapers and ended up with a blow out that went half way up your child’s back?  (I know I’m not the only one!)  Or what about the time your child spit up everywhere, including the front of that brand new outfit you just bought him?  It does happen, and when it does, we have to clean it.  There’s honestly no getting around it.

dreft amazinghood

Dreft believes laundry shouldn’t be a dreaded chore.  The cleanup can be easier with the help of one little bottle – so you can enjoy the time with your baby, while he is still a baby!  (And you get the gentle smell afterwards!)  …Yes, the smell.  I’m coming back to that long-lasting scent because it’s incredibly memorable.  Every time I use Dreft, it brings me back to snuggling with each of my children, even though my oldest is almost 12.

dreft amazinghood

And that’s my hope for each of my party guests.  That we can each start to enjoy laundry and think about the memories made while making the mess, whether it was at a soccer game, an ice cream social, babies first cereal or another diaper blow out.

dreft amazinghood

The Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Detergent is hypoallergenic, has a light, recognizable scent, and does a fantastic job of removing those stubborn stains.  It’s recommended by Pampers, and it can be used in all washing machines.

The Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby Detergent has your active little baby and toddler in mind. It removes 99% of outdoor mess and baby food stains.  It’s ready for your mess so you can make more!

The Dreft Blissfuls in-wash scent booster might be my favorite product, though.  These little crystals are wonderful and provide that baby scent to any load.  The scent booster is a great compliment to Dreft products, but if you use a “free and clear” product*, just add the scent booster to your wash and enjoy the smell for up to 2 weeks!  I have a friend who doesn’t have any children at home, but she washes baby clothes for new moms in need, just to freshen the clothes up! (*Dreft is gentle and hypoallergenic on sensitive skin.  It is specially formulated to be tough on stains while still being gentle on the skin.)

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