School is about to go back into session and teachers are preparing for another great year.  While students have their backpacks ready and prepare to take those 1st day pictures, parents look for a quick and easy teacher gift idea for their child to bring to meet their teacher. 

This pencil frame is just that – simple, quick, easy and costs under $1.00 to make… it’s perfect!  (You can usually purchase a pack of pencils at Dollar Tree or Walmart, though with the back-to-school sales going on, you can pick up a 24 pack of pencils for about $0.50.)

 teacher gift idea pencil frame


•12 Yellow Pencils  

•Super Glue

• Small Piece Of Ribbon


•Printable, which can be found below

 teacher gift idea pencil frame


 teacher gift idea pencil frame

1. Take 12 Yellow Pencils and arrange them into the shape of a picture frame. Use 3 pencils to form each side of your Pencil Picture Frame. 

      teacher gift idea pencil frame2. Once you have your desired frame shape & size, take your super glue and start gluing your pencils together. Make sure to have any pencil labels facing the back end of your frame.

    teacher gift idea pencil frame

3. Now take your frame sides & glue them together to make a picture frame. 


 teacher gift idea pencil frame

4. While your pencil frame is drying, take your ribbon and cut a long enough strand to use to hang your frame.

5. You will now want to take that ribbon strand and glue it onto the back of the frame. The ribbon glues very quickly, so you will want to make sure you decide where to place the ribbon ahead of time.

 teacher gift idea pencil frame

6. After you glue your strand of ribbon, take your printable and cut it to the Pencil Picture Frame size.  *To print the printable, just click on the image(s) below, save to your computer and hit print!

teacher gift idea pencil frame teacher gift idea pencil frame

7. Glue or tape your printable to the back of Pencil Picture Frame.

This teacher gift idea is perfect for a fun back to school craft or teacher appreciation week. You can also use them to frame those school photos when they come out!

 teacher gift idea pencil frame


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