Epic Waters, located in Grand Prairie, TX, is an indoor waterpark showcasing 80,000 sq. ft. of year-round water fun!


Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark has been referred to as a “cruise ship on land,” as there is  something for every member of your family including numerous waterslides (with three of these slides being the ‘first of their kind’ within the waterpark industry,) an outdoor wave pool, space for birthday parties, private rentals, and year-round events.


Epic Waters Waterpark In Grand Prairie

You’ll find at least 6 fun slides at Epic Waters, but according to my children, the best part of the park was the Flow Rider.

The Flow Rider definitely captured my 8 year old’s attention – I mean, he learned to boogie board on a perfect, everlasting wave and nailed it on the first try!  I was impressed with the lifeguard’s ability to give direction and let guests try to get it right, in their own way!


My favorite part of the waterpark was the kiddie area!  From an aquatic fort full of slides, geysers, and sprinklers to a bucket of about 300 gallons dumping overhead, there’s definitely something for everyone in this area!


I loved that the water was just deep enough for my youngest child, though enough water for my older children to have fun, too!



You can see the interactive wheels and contraptions for children to explore and play with while having fun in the sun!

FUN FACT: While we brought in our own floatation device, life jackets are provided at the waterpark.  (You can see, in my picture below, the assortment of sizes and styles available for use.)


Another FUN FACT: While Epic Waters is an indoor waterpark, the roof is retractable and opens on nice, warm days.  If you visit during the summer, make sure you pack sunscreen because the sun does shine through.  On our most recent visit, the roof was closed because it was a mere 45 degrees outside, but nice and toasty inside the park.


Admission to Epic Waters

Any Day – Under 48″              resident: $14        non-resident: $24
Any Day – Over 48″                 resident: $19        non-resident:  $29
Spectator (no participation)  resident and non-resident:  $10

Get your admission tickets and/or annual passes online today!  (Children under the age of 3 are free.)




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    this would be so great for the grandkids, indoors is a plus for allergy suffers like the grandkids

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