With the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the foods you will be preparing for the big day!  Whether you’re heading to a fun party, the pool or the fireworks in your town, there’s no doubt these firework hot dogs will become the talk of 4th of July food. 

firework hot dogs

These hot dogs were easy to make, and my 7-year-old enjoyed getting in the kitchen to help with preparations. 

To begin, you will need wooden skewers, hot dogs (I used Jennie-O Turkey Franks), a roll of crescent rolls, a block of cheese and cupcake liners.  

firework hot dogs

Start by inserting a skewer into each hot dog, making sure the skewer comes out at the top vs the side.  *Just guide it as you go.  Make sure to leave a small end of the skewer sticking out from the top of each.

firework hot dogs

Unroll the crescent rolls – I used a flat roll, one that was not scored or cut, but the regular ones will work just as well.  Jut lay them out and put them together to make a long piece, then slice them into strips.  Each strip should be about 1/2 inches wide.  *You can also use a roll of breadstick dough, though you may have to flatten each strip before adding it on to prevent the bread from being too thick.

firework hot dogs

Wrap the hot dogs with the strips of dough, spiraling as you go up.  Bake, according to dough instructions.

After baking, and when hot dogs have cooled, add a triangle of your favorite cheese to the top, creating the point for your firework.  Then, you can add a themed cupcake liner to the bottom, for decoration!  (I bet ribbons would be cute, too!)

These can be displayed on a Styrofoam board topped with tulle or a cupcake pop stand!  Just be warned that they won’t last long!


*If you are looking for more 4th of July party food, make sure you check out this post, filled with incredible recipes for your celebration!

4th of july party foods


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  2. I love DIY Parties and that includes themed decorations and food.

    So, I was actually planning on throwing an outer space themed party next weekend and these fireworks hot dogs would be perfect. Though I may have to tweak it a little bit into a rocket hot dogs instead.

    Thank you for this brilliant idea and creative inspiration. Looking forward to more posts in your blog.

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