It’s natural for my family to like seafood, being we are from Louisiana.  After moving to Texas, we searched and searched for a great seafood restaurant in the Dallas area… one that represented Louisiana well.  For years, we’ve had no luck finding a place that met the criteria.  Until now.  Meet Fish City Grill. 

fish city grill dallasWhen my family was invited for dinner at Fish City Grill, I knew the restaurant would be put to the ultimate test.  One glance at the menu and I couldn’t get there soon enough.  And since October is National Seafood Month, the timing was perfect!

Upon entering the restaurant, we noticed the casual atmosphere, though neat and colorful in appearance.  Fish City Grill is a family friendly restaurant, providing crayons and offering an assortment of meals on the children menu.  I love when my children are entertained and interested in the activities presented while waiting for our meal to arrive.

fish city grillOur meals arrived rather quickly, and I could not wait to dive into my selection, which started with a rich and creamy crab bisque.  I could have eaten an entire gallon of this soup, and if you think I’m kidding, try me. (Please?)  I seriously had wished I hadn’t ordered an entree, so I could have had more bisque, though I couldn’t wait to see what would come next!

IMG_2515The manager delivered a sampling of oyster nachos and a plate of fried pickles.  Both stood out in their own way, though my husband really liked the oyster nachos while my children ate up the pickles! 

When my entree was delivered, I was happy I hadn’t ordered that gallon of soup because what was in my plate was every inch of delicious:  Lump Crab Cake Sandwich.  Enough said!  And better than some restaurants in Louisiana that fill their crab cakes with bread and “other” things besides crab, if I must add.  This crab cake was filled with nothing but crab and flavor!

fish city grill dallasMy husband ordered the Fried Seafood Platter, which was a combination of catfish, shrimp and oysters.  I tried to convince my husband that the shrimp and accompanying hush puppies were terrible, but only so I could have a couple bites.  It didn’t work, but it was worth a try!

My son chose the fried shrimp poboy and ate every single bite!  I loved how all the fried components were fresh and crisp and not greasy. 

There was not a one bad thing I could have said about this experience (from service to entrees), other than the closest location is about 20 miles away from my home.  This might be a good thing, though, because I would definitely become a regular in the Crab Bisque department!

fish city grill I found out that Fish City Grill is encouraging guests to think “outside the menu” and explore the fresh seafood entrees featured twice daily on it’s chalkboard.  It’s a distinctive and great aspect for the restaurant, which offers unique, regional dishes based on the types of fish available and flavors they know guests crave.  This chalkboard allows stores to feature new dishes without changing the full menu and can range from appetizer to entree, with various price points.  The chalkboard can change from lunch to dinner and varies based on location and manager’s culinary direction.

fish city grill dallasWith 9 locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I can’t believe we had never stopped in before! Make sure you take a look at Fish City Grill’s menu and check them out on facebook!

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