Are you looking for a unique Father’s Day card to give Dad this year? I’ve been there! In fact, I’m usually the one scrambling to find a printable craft that’s easy to make, semi-mess free and quick!  Because of that, I’m offering a free Father’s Day Printable card that will take about 10 minutes of your time – and only taking that long because you do have to wait for the paint to dry!

father’s day printable (1)

To make this Father’s Day card, you’ll need a few items. (You probably have the items around the house already!) 

1father's day printable card

  1. The free Father’s Day card printable, which can be found here.
  2. painter’s tape (masking tape works just as well)
  3. a paintbrush
  4. paint (red, green and black)

Once you’ve gathered those 4 items, start by creating a triangle (or watermelon slice) with the painter’s tape. 
Hint: Make it larger than you think… the tape makes the triangle look bigger than it is.

father’s day printable (2)

Next, we used a pencil to draw a quick line along the shortest piece of the triangle. This line will be useful later.

father's day printable card4

Next, let your child paint the inside of the triangle with red paint. It’s okay if the child gets a little paint on the tape.

father's day printable card


father's day printable card

As soon as the red paint is dry, flip the sheet around, removed the tape, and add a line of green paint for the watermelon rind. (This is where the pencil line comes in as a handy guide.)  You can use a paintbrush or let your child fingerpaint this!

father's day printable card

Now, you can use a small amount of black paint and the child’s finger to add seeds to the watermelon slice! A few dots of paint is plenty!


Once the paint has completely dried, add your child’s name to the top of the card, and save it for Father’s Day!

father's day printable card

Right click on the image below to save and print the free Father’s Day printable card!

father's day printable card

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