Summer is here and the hot sun is upon us!  Last week, we invited our friends out for a Game Truck Party!  It was the talk of the school, and though I had heard about a game truck, it was nothing like seeing it in your front yard and then… getting inside!

game truck party

Setting up the Game Truck Party was quick and easy:

  • First you call your local Game Truck franchise and choose your preferred date and time.  Make sure you know where you’ll have the Game Truck park – it takes up about 60 feet of space.  You can have the truck park anywhere – your home, your office or at the park!
  • Soon after initial set up, you will receive a confirmation email from the company, with information on sending branded invites and details. 
  • Monitor the RSVP’s so you can plan accordingly.  Then, sit back and wait for the big day!  It really is that easy!

game truck party

The Game Truck arrived at our house, and I was excited to be invited inside first… before any child could have a look.  The party attendant was quick to explain the games available, and answered any questions I had about ratings or experience level.  I was asked if I wanted to remove the mature games as playable options, and I did.  I appreciated the fact that I went inside first… none of the children even knew those mature games were an option and no one had to be the “bad guy” by removing them in front of children!

game truck party

The children then receive a short briefing, which included three rules:

  1. No food or drinks inside the Game Truck.
  2. Raise your hand if you need help, want to switch a game or need batteries for your remote.
  3. Have fun!

The children went inside and were excited to see consoles like the XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii and a Playstation! There was a game for everyone and soon the children had teamed up and started to play!  I think some parents wanted to sit down, too!  And that would be perfectly fine!  This game truck was able to accommodate up to 20 guests inside and even more on the screen outside!

game truck party

The host was amazing and very helpful!  In fact, he was so amazing that I walked off the truck and sat in the chairs I had set up outside for parents!  It was seriously the easiest (and coolest) party I have ever thrown!  And by coolest, I mean it both ways… this truck is air-conditioned!

game truck party

Remember the outside screen I mentioned earlier?  Even with the outdoor screens up, the inside of the truck still stayed cool and comfortable!  And speaking of comfortable… the boys inside sure did spread out when the girls went outside to dance and cheer!  It was a perfect way to end the party!

Prices for a Game Truck Parties vary based on dates (weekend vs weekday).   *Don’t forget to allow for a gratuity for the host(s)…  they really are helpful and fun!

game truck party

One lucky The Frugal Mom reader will win a game truck party of their own!  Game Truck party must be booked on a weekday, before December 31, 2014.  Winner needs to be within a designated GameTruck franchise service area. If winner is outside the area GameTruck will make their best effort to get the winner a party, but if it cannot reasonably be accommodated participant may either share the prize with someone that is within a service area or be compensated with a cash prize of $200.

β€’ Only one (1) entry per person is allowed. Only residents of the U.S. that are 18 and older with a valid address are eligible to enter.
β€’ The awarding of the Giveaway prize is the responsibility of GameTruck.

To enter, leave a comment telling me your child’s favorite game to play!

Winner will be selected on June 24, 2014.


  1. shelly peterson Reply

    What an awesome Giveaway. My son loves so many games but his favorite is Madden NFL
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  2. My son loves playing Minecrat! This would be a really awesome prize for him to win, especially with his birthday coming up!

  3. My youngest enjoys skylanders and mario bros and my older one enjoys final fantasy

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  4. Angela Williamson Reply

    My girls LOVE the Wreck It Ralph game. This is such a genius idea!!!! Keep the kids busy having fun, while parents mingle right outside the truck!

  5. Cole is dying seeing this! He’s so upset he missed it! He LOVES Modern Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare!!

  6. Emily Robinson Reply

    I want to win this for me. Can adults have a party? My favorite game is Just Dance!

  7. I need to win this for my son. He is absolutely addicted to any and all Mario games. Right now he’s really into Super Mario Bros. Brawl and some Luigi Dreamland game he got for his 3DS. The child is OBSESSED!! He would love this.

  8. This would be perfect for my twins! They play all the racing games!

  9. George Sapcut Reply

    Jaxon would be thrilled to win this prize. He loves all games but he can never get enough of Minecraft. We will keep our fingers crossed for this!!!

  10. Tiffiney D. Voorhees Reply

    Well I have a combined family of 6. Mine and my husbands! Their favorite games run from Mine craft, Halo, Assassin’s creed and Just dance! The last one might be my favorite haha! This would be perfect for a end of summer outlet for the kids and our family!

  11. My daughter’s friends would enjoy this for summer, too! They like to dance.

  12. Kathy Tillman Reply

    Hope grandchild is included! He likes the Ops games and the girls like ANY Pokeman!

  13. I would get bonus mom points and huge Gimmee’ bonus for scoring this fun for my family!!

    Hey could I win for a fundraiser too?

  14. Stephanie Garrett Reply

    My kids love to play Disney Infinity! They both have so much fun playing together!
    And of course, my son loves Skylanders!
    Thank you!!!! So fun!!!

  15. Mandy Linthicum Reply

    Both my kids love so many games, idk which I would consider their fav!! Both love this car game we have on the xbox!

  16. staci wells mefford Reply

    We have a Wii. He loves the MLB , infinity and Skylanders. Games

  17. Derrick absolutely loves playing games. What can I say he gets it from his mom and dad. His favorites are Call of Duty: Black ops 2 and UFC on the xbox360. On the PS4 he loves to play Mercinary kings,Trine 2, and Black light retribution. We would so love to have a game truck come over. WOO-HOO

  18. My son’s favorite game Battlefield 4, which drives me crazy. But he’s 18 and plays away from all siblings.

  19. Shauna Ramos Reply

    Just like most boys Nathan loves “Minecraft” and “Skylanders”! Miss Molly loves “Just Dance”.

  20. Cindy Coutcher Reply

    My son’s favorite game currently is probably Baseball. But he has also been playing WWE, Minecraft and Basketball.

  21. My husband and furry children (cat and dog) play Grand Tourismo 3

  22. how did I enter in this drawing, even if it isn’t for a birthday party, just to get the kids together, with cousins, close friends, and nieghbors is always fun.

  23. How fun! A game truck party in Dallas would be so cool.
    Dante M recently posted…DanteMy Profile

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