If you told me I would one day go on a ghost tour, I would have laughed and said you were a liar.  I like to hear stories of paranormal activity, but I don’t necessarily want to experience it first hand.  Some might call me chicken.  I would not disagree.  So when I voluntarily signed up and paid for a ghost tour in Burleson TX, my husband didn’t know what to think.

ghost tour in burleson, tx

The ghost tour in Burleson is held during the summer, on most Friday and Saturday evenings.  They are led by Pat Dexheimer and Vivian Wright, and definitely not what I expected.

burleson texas ghost tours

We started our tour by hearing about the history of Burleson, followed by a short video inside the Visitor’s Center.  Side note: at this point, I went to the restroom, already nervous to be alone or look in the mirror. 

Our tour, which consisted of about 12 people, then went outside to walk Old Town.  As stories were told, we stopped at Old Town Brewery, Babe’s Chicken House, Grumps, the alley behind Fresco’s and a house or two.  I must say, I felt a presence at a few of these locations, but I didn’t know if it was me being super sensitive or what.  The scene is definitely right, and since I had already heard first-hand stories from a few business owners in Old Town, my eyes never stopped looking around, to see who or what I could get a glimpse of.  (And yes, I nearly pee’d in my pants a few times.  I won’t lie.)

Would I go back on a ghost tour?  Maybe. I was handed one of the EMF devices as we left one particular house.  And the monitor indicated there was activity around me.  I think my heart stopped at that point, but it wasn’t until we returned to the Visitor’s Center that we were handed a photo album to view pictures of the “guests” who roam the city among us.  It was very interesting, to say the least.  I honestly can not go to Babe’s or Fresco’s without being aware of my surroundings at all times.  My eyes never stop.  (And I will never, ever go to the restroom at Old Town Brewery or sit upstairs alone with my children at Grumps.)

Did I see anything?  I didn’t, but I definitely felt something.  It’s hard to describe.  The Burleson Heritage Foundation also organizes ghost investigations, which are more in-depth.  These investigations start after dark and can last until the wee hours of the night… depending on how the night is going.  I believe the fee for an investigation is $20, which usually goes to benefit an organization in the area.


To schedule a ghost tour in Burleson, TX, call 817-295-5121 or visit the Visitor’s Center.

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