There are so many great gifts for your home this holiday season.  Whether you’re looking for a gift for her, something for him, the perfect thing for grandparents or a small thing for yourself, I hope these top holiday gifts inspire your shopping list this year.

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Let’s start with a beautiful nonstick frying pan that features Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic nonstick coating technology.  It has, been shown to outperform and outlast other leading brands, with a ceramic coating that provides superior non-stick performance that is safe, scratch resistant and very easy to clean. The heavy gauge aluminum base clad with a stainless base provides excellent thermal conductivity resulting in quick and even heat distribution. The durable riveted stainless handle is comfortable in hand and enables the pan to be oven safe up to 400 degrees F.


ninja 2

The Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer has a multi-serve dial that lets you choose a size for a cup, travel mug, half carafe or carafe. Thermal Flavor Extraction technology allows you to dial up the flavor richness level and choose a brew: Classic, Rich, Over Ice or Specialty. Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence draws just the right amount of water needed from the reservoir, based on the brew size and brew type (Classic, Rich, Over Ice, and Specialty) you select. The removable water reservoir features an easy-to-hold grip and a flip-top lid for quick and easy filling.


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With its rounded, pottery-inspired design, the Ellia Awaken Diffuser adds warm style to any room. Consciously crafted from ceramic and wood, it gently lifts the scent of your favorite essential oils into the air to transform the mood of your space. The Awaken Diffuser delivers up to 6 hours of continuous runtime. It features a color-changing light and an Essential Oil Starter Kit with three samples.


Thirty-One Gifts offers a Deluxe Utility Tote that holds three paper shopping bags, Picnic Thermals or Fold N’ Files! You can even put smaller items in the three pockets. This style’s sturdy base and webbed handles make it perfect for toting to the store and back. It also holds two Essential Storage Totes!  Very popular for on-the-go organizing!


The Lakeside Collection has the the finest selection of merchandise at the lowest prices around. The team travels at home and abroad to collect and bring you the world’s best products: from fabulous home furnishings, stylish and comfortable apparel and accessories, and fantastic toys for the whole family, to seasonal and holiday favorites, great gifts for everyone on your list, and so much more. Enter to win $50 to shop the Lakeside Collection here.

The Quest Robotic Hoover Vacuum has a Tri-clean system that picks up dirt, dust and pet hair on your carpet and hard floors, along walls and even in corners!  It is bluetooth enabled, so just download the Hoover mobile App to your phone and start, stop, direct and Dock quest directly from your phone (remote control also included!)  This unit has up to 120 minutes of run time- automatically returns to the docking station to re-charge when vacuuming is complete.

The Hold & Go Slow Cooker allows you to safely and conveniently carry your slow cooker to tail gates and parties using just one hand, which frees up the other hand to open doors/trunks or carry additional items. The reinforced handle has been tested to hold up to 60 lbs and doubles as a locking mechanism, preventing spills during transit. No more messes in the car!  And not only does the handle create a spill proof seal and free up table space, it also catches the condensation dripping from the lid and funnels it back into the pot.  It’s perfect for home and traveling!


slumbr pillows

Slumbr pillows are just what you’re looking for, to get that good night’s rest. And Slumbr makes shopping for sleep products simpler.  They design sleep products that are comfortable, stylish and functional. Slumbr studies how real people sleep: people like us that snore, steal the covers, toss and turn, hate to make their bed, and even get a little frisky. It’s their mission to make it easy to make a bed you just can’t wait to jump into!


Iced Tea Maker

With a Capresso Iced Tea Maker, you can custom brew a refreshing pitcher of iced tea at the touch of a button!  (It really is that easy!)  We even add the sugar or fruit to the bottom, and after brewing, we give a quick stir before pouring!  The tea can also be served and stored in the beautiful glass pitcher.


triple slow cooker

The BELLA Triple Slow Cooker with Lid Rests is the perfect slow cooker for entertaining family and friends. Individual temperature control knobs ensure that each meal is cooked just right while non-skid feet help prevent spills. Three lid rests simplify serving and both pots and lids are dishwasher safe.  The unit has dishwasher safe stoneware pots and tempered glass lids.


The ZeroWater filtration system combines FIVE sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water, delivering you great tasting water. ZeroWater filters are also the only pour-through filters on the market certified by the NSF to reduce lead.  This 23-cup system comes with the largest capacity filter dispenser on the market today.  ZeroWater’s first layer of filtration, activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy removes the chlorine taste you are accustom to with tap water. The Ion Exchange stage removes virtually all dissolved solids that may be left over from public water systems or even leached into your water from piping such as Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, Nitrate and more. Three additional stages are included to remove other impurities and to ensure your water receives the appropriate amount of treatment time to deliver a “000” reading on your laboratory-grade Total Dissolved Solids meter included. ZeroWater: Advanced water filtration.


tv antenna

Mohu Leaf 50 TV Antenna has a 50-mile range to access Over-the-Air TV channels without a cable or satellite subscription (NOTE: Enables access to free channels only – does not enable access to paid channels such as ESPN/Fox News). The CleanPeak Filter technology filters out cellular and FM signals, resulting in a clearer picture and allowing access to more channels.  It is Multi-directional and Reversible: No “pointing” needed and comes with included 16 ft. high performance cable. 



Metal Unlimited has a variety of metal decorations that are great to hang on a wall, door, or place on a shelf. This particular design features a fleur-de-lis that is stylish and is available in multiple colors and sizes!  The work is beautiful, and you can see the other items I received in this feature!


76th and Newbury gifts


76th and Newbury has a fun gift for grandparents, promising instant smiles!  This personalized silhouette print is perfect, and Grandma and Grandpa’s eyes will light up when they receive this print featuring their grandchildren. With customizations ranging from your favorite colors, quote and special additions like pets, toys and sports equipment, this custom grandparent print will capture the personality of your family and be treasured for years to come.


top holiday gift guidesThis ultra-lightweight Shark Rocket vacuum weighs in at under 9 pounds.  It converts into a hand vac for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning, and is a gift that will be used for years to come.  It has a dust-Away™ hard floor attachment + 1 washable microfiber pad. The Shark Rocket picks up large debris and fine dust from bare floors. There is a TruePet Motorized Brush for handheld deep cleaning and powerful LED lights on the hand vac and nozzle to help you spot hidden debris throughout your home.


Imagine a new set of steak knives to start your year off right!  The Colori® Titanium Steak Knife Set combines strength and beauty in it’s Japanese stainless steel blade.  With guaranteed long-lasting sharpness and performance, the titanium coating on the blade not only creates an elegant shine, but also protects and strengthens the blade even further. The Colori® Titanium Steak Knives are stylish enough for the table and slices tender filets and well-cooked steak with finesse.  The stylish non-slip handle fits comfortably in your hand, even when used for long periods of time.



Slate Plate

Slateplate‘s features make it the most elegant, stylish, memorable, and practical cutting and serving board.  Despite being so thin, slate is very strong and is also food safe which together make it the perfect natural plate.  The slateplate is perfect for easy-going, recreational service and more serious entertaining.  It’s also easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, making this a great gift for anyone on your list!  


Never worry about an open garage again. With MyQ Garage from Chamberlain, you’ll know if your garage door is open and can close it from anywhere with your smartphone. No more worries about whether the door is open and your home exposed, no more driving back home to check. If the door is open, close it with your phone. You can also open the garage door for deliveries or to let in a family member who has forgotten a key. You’ll receive alerts any time your garage door opens, so you’ll know when kids are home safely from school or other family members have arrived. Alerts will also let you know if you forgot to close the door when you left home. MyQ Garage works with most major brands of garage door openers made after 1993.


Pure Hydration is the most advanced and affordably priced water ionizer on the market. Connects right to your faucet’s cold water supply in minutes and includes everything needed to install. Alkaline Antioxidant Water will improve your body’s pH balance, digestive health, sleep, weight loss, skin tone, blood circulation, and detoxification. Alkaline Antioxidant Water is known to slow the aging process by adding abundant anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals within the body while reducing oxidative stress, acidity, and inflammation. Proprietary water molecular restructuring for quick cellular absorption is accomplished through advanced centrifugal magnetic rotational technology.


The Original Pizza Oven Box’s patent pending design raises the temperature of outdoor grills to that of a real wood burning pizza oven. Unmatched baking performance is achieved by combining convective, conductive and radiant heat to quickly and evenly bake a variety of foods. This pizza oven box from Bakerstone makes pizzas amazing! It feels like we’re in a restaurant every time we use it!


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