Greys Anatomy is the one television show I will not miss.  Ever.  So when I found out my trip to Los Angeles included a tour of the set, which would be led by Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins), I forgot about everything else that would take place that day. 

greys anatomy set tour
We started by walking through the alley outside, where we learned interesting facts about production and the set as a whole.  We were told how the alley can transform to rain, sunshine or a night sky, depending on the scene being taped.

greys anatomy set tour

Jessica Capshaw then led us through Meredith and Derek’s house!  Yes, the “dream house”… and it was indeed dreamy!  We walked through the kitchen, where we saw the small, yet important props that add detail to pull the scene together.  For instance, Zola’s artwork on the refrigerator, wine in the cooler and a booster seat strapped on the chair.

We then took a walk into Meredith and Derek’s bedroom, where my eyes were instantly drawn to the frame above the bed.  In that frame is the “marriage contract” from the Post-It Wedding.

greys anatomy set tour

Love each other, even when we hate each other. 
No running.
Take care when old, senile and smelly.
This is forever.

greys anatomy set tour

After leaving Meredith and Derek’s house, we walked into Grey + Sloan Memorial Hospital.  I think I caught goosebumps at this point, as I tried to soak every little bit in.  I mean, I was standing in the hospital of Grey’s Anatomy. 

greys anatomy set tour

  greys anatomy set tour

After touring the set, we sat down to chat with the costume designer, Mimi Melgaard, and the genius behind the props, Angela Whiting.  We took an up close look at costumes used on set and were able to hold a variety of props from the show.

greys anatomy

After we learned about the props and costumes, we interviewed Sarah Drew (April Kepner), and it took everything in me not to scream “Thanks for saying YES to Jackson!”  

Sarah Drew shared inside information about the show and working with her co-stars…. and just then, none other than Camillia Luddington (Dr. Jo Wilson) and Justin Chambers (Dr. Alex Kerev) walked over to our table!  


It was definitely a day I will never forget, but to make things even more memorable, I was given a gift – from Shonda Rhimes!  Take a look at my autographed scrub top:

greys anatomy set tour

Make sure you catch Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights at 9/8c, only on ABC.  Past episodes can be seen at


  1. I live 2 hours from Los Angeles and Greys is my favorite show ever, I would love to go and get the tour (with a friend) and meet the cast and especially Jessica Chapshaw, you are so lucky. So could you email me and let me know how you acme across this and how myself and my friend can also experience this, you could call me 949-xxx-xxxx and I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. PLEASE tell me how to get a tour of Gray’s Anatomy. For my daughter’s sweet 16. PLEASE! Thank you, Vickie

  3. Debra Grime Reply

    Could you please tell me how I can experience this, I am from the UK and a huge Greys fan, I would love to do this for my daughters birthday next year.

    Thank you

  4. Geneva Mustapher Reply

    Hello please send me information about a Grey’s Anatomy Tour.

  5. Molly Fisher Reply

    Hi, could you please send me the information about the greys anatomy tour? Thank you!

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