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Every Halloween afternoon, we have a small Halloween party before going trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. There are only a few hours between the time my children get home from school and the time the sun sets, so I like to make the most of those hours without spending a lot of money.


This year, I went shopping at Dollar General for party supplies. This year, I’m keeping the party simple with a traditional orange and black theme. 

I started with necessary items: a black table cloth, a fun themed serving bowl, cups, plates and napkins, each found for about $1 each. I also picked up table decorations such as glitter spiders, small pumpkins and a few small skeletons.

I then looked for foods that were orange in color: from bags of Cheddar Chex Mix ($1) to Cheese and Crackers ($1), Mandarin Orange cups ($2), there are orange items down every aisle!  

dollar general halloween 2

My daughter even took a Sharpie and added jack-o-lantern faces to the Clover Valley orange cups for a special treat!  (These would make great class party treats, too!)

For drinks, I found individual bottles of juice ($0.50 each) in case our party-goers didn’t want to drink the non-alcoholic party punch.  (Note: Did you know that Dollar General sells wine?  They do, so make sure you pick up a bottle for the adults!)


Lastly, make sure you pick up bags of candy, either to nibble on and/or hand out to trick-or-treaters.  Dollar General has so many varieties to choose from, so I chose a bag of Reese’s & Kit Kats ($5 a bag), Mixed Fruit Chews ($2 a bag) and a bag of Kiddie Mix  ($5 a bag).

Thanks to Dollar General, I was able to get all the items for our party for about $30 — all I have to do is add the hot dogs, a few costumes and the treat buckets and we’ll be set for a fun night!


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