This Halloween, take 5 minutes to surprise your children with a Halloween themed lunch they will be excited to see in the cafeteria! I can promise you, your child’s lunch will be the talk of the table!

halloween themed lunch ideas

The lunch inspiration comes from the mandarins my daughter asks for each year.  I simply draw a jack-o-lantern face on these oranges with a permanent marker and let dry.  This takes about 1 minute, if that!

The second thing I add to the lunch is the sandwich, and obviously any type will do!  I use a cookie cutter to imprint a design on a slice of bread, then trace the design with an edible marker!  It’s so easy and will definitely put a smile on any child’s face!  (Keep these edible markers on hand for holidays and special occasions.)

I also add a ghoulish cheese stick to the lunch, which is made simply by adding eyes and a mouth to the back of the snack. Make sure you wipe off the cheese stick before writing with your permanent marker or you’ll see that the ink won’t show up.

Finally, I throw in a Halloween themed drink, a bag of orange chips (cheetos or sun chips) or pumpkin shaped pretzels.  You can also toss in a creepy spider to top it off!  In less than 5 minutes, the lunch is packed and ready for a great day!

For more quick lunch ideas, you can also incorporate these treats:

Chocolate pretzel owls

Chocolate Pretzel Owls

Applesauce Halloween Class Treat

Mummy Applesauce Pouches

…and these adorable applesauce monster treats from The Nerd’s Wife!


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