Whether you plan to visit family before or after the holidays, you want to make the drive a pleasant experience.  For me, I’m traveling with four children, one under the age of one.  We set a time to be at our destination, leaving a little flexibility along the way, knowing we could have to stop at a moment’s notice.  With a few tips in mind, your road trip will be enjoyable and the hours will pass quickly!

road trip

Keep children busy. Pack the electronic devices, road trip games, a few snacks and a pillow. I like to let each of my older children pack a backpack with 5 items of their choice, telling them I don’t want to hear “I’m bored” because they made the selections themselves. (It works great for us!)

Pack light. The more wiggle room you have in the car, the better.  Does your destination have a washing machine you can use? Are there items you can purchase while there? (Keep in mind, the heavier your vehicle is, the more gas you will potentially consume.)

Prepare for traffic. If you plan your travel days right, the traffic should be light.  If you travel after friends get off work on Christmas Eve Eve, you can expect stop and go at certain points.  And the same goes for the days following the holiday. *Keep in mind many businesses will observe Christmas on December 26, so plan accordingly.

Plan pit stops. When we make pit stops, we get gas, coffee, a snack and use the restroom.  If everyone goes at the same time, you won’t be making another stop 10 minutes down the road!

With these tips in mind, hopefully your holiday road trip will be less stressful for everyone! 

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