Let’s be honest, the holidays are in full force and I think my to-do list is overflowing.  I finally knocked out the shopping lists, or so I thought.  Yesterday, my daughter (with her sweet little voice) asked “Mom, can I buy gifts for my friends this year?”  STOP. THE. CLOCK.  “You want to do what?” (as if I didn’t hear my tween the first time…)  I love that my daughter is thinking of others, but geesh… she wants to buy for 8 friends and mom is not looking forward to adding anything to either of her lists.

You know I gave in, but I also gave her a limit of $15.  We headed to Dollar General to check out the selection of gifts, ready made craft kits and holiday treats.  I encouraged her to help make the gifts or at the very least, add a personal touch.      

As we walked into the store, we immediately headed to the holiday section where she found Hot Cocoa Reindeer Kits.  These kits looked fun and seemed to be the perfect choice!

dollar general

Each kit sells for just $5 and contains enough supplies to assemble 5 hot cocoa reindeer!  Lucky for mom, I just had to jump one aisle over to pick up the hot cocoa, marshmallows and chocolate chips then we could get home to start assembling!  (Plus, we would end up with 2 extra which meant my daughter could keep one for herself and share one with her brothers!  That’s a win-win!)

dollar general kit(1)

We started by laying out our supplies.  Inside the box, we found pastry bags, pom-poms, chenille stems, wiggle eyes, twist ties and gift tags!  The box also included a simple to read instruction sheet that made the project fool-proof!  It was a great do-it-yourself craft for my tween, and as easy as 1, 2, 3.

dollar general kits reindeer

After filling each bag, we added eyes, a nose, antlers and filled out the included gift tags. It was the best way to spend a cold and rainy afternoon!

dollar general 5

Make sure you look for this and other ready-to-assemble kits at your local Dollar General.   

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