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Do you ever find yourself in a hotel room with children who say they are bored?  I know I do!  As parents, we look at a hotel as a place to relax, though sometimes you need fillers or games to pass the time between breakfast and swimming or bath and bed.  There’s only so much “jumping on the bed” allowed, so the solution is to prepare a few hotel games for your stay!

These three hotel games are cost effective and safe for hotel furniture!  They can be made for less than $5, and you might even have some of the items already in your house!

games for hotel room

Game 1:  Tic Tac Toe

Almost genius, right?  With a little painters tape, paper plates and a marker, your children will be occupied for at least 10 minutes!  Make it a family tournament and get Dad involved, too!

 hotel games

Game 2:  Cars and Trucks in the City

Using that same painter’s tape, make a few roads through the hotel room!  This is perfect for my 5 year old because I let him choose the cars and trucks to pack for our trip!  (You can even let him pick out some police men or animals for stand-ins!)

hotel games

Game 3: Ping Pong

This hotel game requires a balloon, some painter’s tape, two paper plates and two rulers.  Just attach the paper plates to the rulers with the painter’s tape and blow up a balloon for safe, extreme back-and-forth fun!  Consider letting your children stand on a bed for this.  (It’s all about the memories!) 

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