We are in the middle of winter, and with snow on the ground in many states, it’s important to stay safe when on the road in icy or snowy conditions. This guide of the 6 most important winter driving safety tips will help when the weather outside is frightful.

winter driving safety tips

Plan Ahead.  Map out your route before you leave home.  Check local news and facebook pages for road conditions, so you’ll know which areas to avoid and which paths to take.  It’s usually best to stay on main roads and highways because those roads are usually salted in preparation.

Pack the emergency kit.  If you don’t have a kit, they are easy to assemble.  Find a sack and pack a water bottle, car charger, ice scraper, flashlight, tow rope, flares and a blanket.

Prepare your car.  Fill up your gas tank before the snow comes in.  Before leaving your driveway (or parking lot,) make sure you clear the entire car of snow and/or ice.  Don’t forget to check all of the windows, door handles, mirrors and lights.

Slow down and keep calm.  Driving too fast is a dangerous mistake on those wintry roads.  Give yourself distance between cars, and allow more time to break.  45 mph should be the fastest speed, given the road conditions.  Don’t shy away from letting other cars pass you. Spin outs are very common on icy roads.

Stay alert.  Stay warm inside your car with a jacket, gloves, a scarf and your heater. Hydrate yourself so you don’t get sleepy behind the wheel.  Should you come to a road closure, you’ll have a blanket in your emergency kit to help you stay warm, too.


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