I can’t believe we’re already in the month of November! It’s time to start saving a bit of cash, so we have extra funds for Christmas shopping!  One way, often forgotten, is to improve your gas mileage.   With a few easy steps, you can keep that money in your wallet instead of in your tank!


Know your MPG. It is important to find out the average miles per gallon (mpg) your vehicle gets. To do this, fill up your fuel tank until the pump stops. Don’t attempt to fill it beyond that, as this will give an inaccurate reading.

When you start your vehicle after filling up, turn your trip mile counter to zero. It is important to note down how many gallons of gas you put into the vehicle. When you are ready to fill up again, jot down how many miles you went.


After doing this process three or four times. For each time, divide one by the other and you will have your average mpg, though newer models have an automatic feature that shows the current mpg as you are driving.

Once you can track your mileage, you can begin seeing how to save money and increase fuel economy.


Make sure you keep your vehicle in shape.

  • Simple steps, such as changing your oil and oil filter, will add up in your benefit.  This can save little by little if you keep fresh oil pumping through the vehicle’s engine.
  • Next check your spark plugs. If they are old and worn out, vehicles can use more fuel than if the spark plugs are new.
  • Now check your tires. Low tire pressure can be causing your vehicle to work harder than it needs to. Therefore, you are burning more gasoline than you would with properly pressurized tires.

Watch your speed.

  • The hardest tip to follow is the most important, and that is to slow down.  Experts say that 65 mph is the ideal speed for perfect mpg. Anything below or over causes you to waste fuel. Especially, anything over 65 mph. 
  • Avoid gunning it from one stoplight to the next.  This, once again, causes your vehicle to perform poorly when it comes to mpg. Slow down and speed up gradually. Hitting the accelerator will burn up fuel, and money, faster than anything.


Keeping your vehicle in good shape and watching your speed can help you save money on fuel and improve your mpg. By making one or more changes, you should see an improvement over time and more money in your wallet!


For more tips on improving your MPG, or to inquire on a new or used vehicle in the Yonkers, NY area, make sure you stop by Central Avenue Chrysler Jeep.



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