Over the weekend, I took my older children to see Tomorrowland.  Logan (10) and Ava (8) couldn’t wait to get to the theater, knowing how much Mom has talked about this film over the last month.  If you have not seen Tomorrowland, today would be a great day to do so!  It’s a PG rated family film starring George Clooney, Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy – and you will definitely want to see it twice! 


And speaking of George Clooney, if you remember that time we met at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, you will know we had a lot to talk about.  In fact, I had to break up my interview into two parts so you could catch all the fun details!


Now this second part does include some spoilers, so fair warning….

We mentioned how George Clooney’s character works so well with young actors like Raffey Cassidy and Britt Robertson.

 “Well, first of all, Britt is fantastic and  you know her career is just at the very beginning and is going to be really fun. Raffey is spectacular and she was just 12 at the time and way too talented for her age, and sweet and funny. It also was a fun part for me because as you well know, if you’d seen me speaking to a 12 year old the way I speak to her, at the grocery store you’d call child services. I’m like who gets to yell at a 12 year old. But in the movies it’s so much fun because  she’s not really a 12 year old and they sort of set it up in a way where we are a little family of three, but she’s the adult, driving the car and and Britt and I are the two kids, arguing and bickering all the time.”


We then moved on to question Clooney’s favorite scene of highest memory while filming Tomorrowland.

His instinct response made the room laugh, though he quickly gave us a serious reply.

“I don’t remember much of it. I was drunk most of the time!”

“No, you know, I will tell you, there was a lot of moments, because as you know, it wasn’t all done on a green screen. They were nice enough to build a lot of these sets where you actually got to play in them. The most fun we had was the driving sequences, believe it or not, because, you know, we’re being towed but Raffey is driving and I keep having to teach her like, you know, you’ve got to keep looking at the road, I mean. She’d be like what is the deal? Like my mother actually drives, which is true, it was fun because there was no technology. There was nothing. It was just old fashioned, three people sitting in a truck for three days, arguing and doing fun stuff. And that’s really fun for actors, because you don’t have to do any make believe. It’s all just right there. So that was, I, I really enjoyed that. And also it was fun doing the stuff, you know, like shoving all the packs of powder down their, throat because we must have done, I don’t know, 30 takes, and every time I go, here you go! And she’d (Robertson) be like not the whole pack. And I was like yeah, so much sugar!”

And with talk about too much sugar, we questioned if Britt Robertson really had to drink all those bottles of Coca-cola?

“Yeah, now in fairness, Brad was kind enough to only do it three times. But Britt does down two cokes in the take. (Or I think it’s two cokes in the take.) And, I just sit there going, you know, she’s gonna explode, but she did it. Because you learn, like young actors. I thought that she might have drank a bit of it and the rest was computer generated but nope, she drank the whole coke over and over again!”


As we laughed that off, we quickly changed gears by asking if there were any scenes that were hard to film, emotionally?

“Emotionally hard, no. Because I find, movies in general aren’t emotionally, I mean you’re involved in them but it’s not really something honestly terrible has happened. It is still make believe but I did find that, it was a tricky scene, you know, there’s a moment where I have to let, Raffey’s character go, the robot go, and that was really weird.  We’d shot it once and she kind of clicks out, but her eyes are open still and we drop her out, and it literally feels like I’m murdering her, you know. It really does. It was odd. And you’re watching it, it’s so disturbing and it was really awful, so we went back and re-did it where she sort of completely goes out, because otherwise it really felt horrible.

You know, there’s all kinds of weird balances in this film. My relationship with her is very… we’re walking a very thin line there like I don’t know, this is kind of weird, you know. And it’s a constant thing like oh, oh boy. Let’s walk very carefully through these things. And thankfully, Brad is Brad and is really good at what he does, you know. He makes it, made it much simpler.”

Interview George Clooney

Some experiences in life will never be forgotten.  Just like the day I was able to interview George Clooney.  He is real, funny and down to earth!  It was great to hear the director, producer and other actors speak of him so highly, too.

If you haven’t been to the theater to see Tomorrowland yet, make sure you get there soon!  The future is waiting on you!


*Photo credits: Louise of MomStart.com

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