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Eat, Bowl, Play. A great description for an entertainment facility I want to take my family to. And let me tell you, Main Event fulfills each of those descriptions.  We recently scheduled a Main Event birthday party in Fort Worth, TX, and I think it could have been the best and easiest birthday party yet!

main event birthday party

From the moment I started the reservation process, Main Event made things easy. The communication was phenomenal and so much more than I expected. The sales department was quick to answer questions and provide ideas as I needed them, giving their advice and insider tips, too.  Once I told the sales team I was 8 months pregnant, they assured me the host would make things exciting and seamless.  They earned my trust.

I booked the party for a Sunday morning. I chose “Double Your Fun” Kids party, which included bowling, laser tag, a $10 FUN card, lunch and most importantly, a party host! I knew our guests would have a great time!

main event birthday party

We checked into the facility, and the host literally took over. I tried to get shoes for the children, the host told me to sit down. I tried to grab a bowling ball, I was told to sit again and relax. I am pretty sure it was parental instinct, but it felt weird not having to do anything.  I mean, all I did was make the cupcakes. I’m not supposed to run around like a chicken with my head cut off?  I loved it.

main event birthday party

The parents were able to chat while the children bowled.   I ordered drinks for the parents, which the host was happy to get.  It was lovely.

Once our hour was over, the host had all the children take off their shoes and clean their hands. We walked to the laser tag area, and went right in for our session.  I included the parents on the laser tag, so we had a nice battle of adults vs. children. I sat out (8 months pregnant, remember?) but peeked my head inside. The parents were laughing so much! I think it was just as much fun for them as it was for the children!

main event birthday party

After our laser tag fun, we went to the party room where our cupcakes and gifts were set out. The host poured everyone a drink, then passed out lunch.  I had chose burgers and fries, knowing that’s usually a safe choice for all.

The host was great at time keeping, and quickly moved us seamlessly from one activity to another.  There was no lapse in transition!  …and my husband and I just sat back to enjoy.  (YES, I said enjoy!)  We actually remember every detail about the party, and I think that’s what made the entire party worth it.  My daughter had a great time. The guests had a great time. The parents had fun, and this pregnant Mom didn’t have to do a thing!

main event birthday party

To conclude the party, yet continue the fun, each child was provided with a $10 FUN card to play video games!  I tried my hand at basketball, while my boys tried to beat each other at air hockey! I appreciated the fun for children of all ages!

main event birthday party

If you are planning your child (or adult’s) birthday party, make sure you look at the party options at Main Event! There are several locations in the DFW area, with a new facility in North Fort Worth!

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