This is an older post, but we’re doing it again this year! New Year’s Eve Countdown bags are fun and a great way to bring in a new decade!

We stay in every New Year’s Eve night, to bring in the New Year.  I would rather not be on the road after 10 pm, so all our fun has to be at home after that time.

new year countdown bags

This year, I am making countdown bags, to pass the time (and keep my children awake)!
I gathered 4 bags, and labeled each with a time, from 6:00 pm leading up to 11:00 pm.  *I would have started earlier, but we have eye doctor appointments at 3:00 this afternoon.


In each bag, I put an item that will lead to a fun activity:

6:00 PM – Card games! I found Go Fish and Old Maid at our local Dollar General store. It will be fun to introduce my children to these classics!

7:00 PM – Make a vision board for the new year. (We’re cutting photos from old magazines and gluing them to paper plates!)

8:00 PM – Craft Kits!  I found a set of foam penguins in the clearance section of Target.  We’re going to have a family penguin decorating contest!

9:00 PM – S’mores!  We are going to roast marshmallows on a Sterno can, and use them in delicious s’mores!

10:00 PM – Photo booth!  I have sunglasses, boas, hats and more fun props… along with a camera and it’s self-timer feature!

11:00 PM – Noisemakers and Happy New Year hats!

They were so easy to make, and literally took about 5 minutes to make and gather the supplies!


Other ideas:  deck of cards, puzzles, treats, flashlights, glow sticks… the possibilities are endless, depending on how many hours you want to countdown!

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