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Having a toddler in the house means we go through celebratory milestones, silly tantrums and days without a much-needed nap.  My son will be 17 months old this month and there are some nights I look forward to bedtime at 9pm.  Sometimes my son will wake up around 2am, and other times, he will sleep right through that late night feeding.  I surely don’t need him waking up for a leaky diaper on nights we can all get a good rest, which is why I’m excited about the new Pampers Baby Dry!  

pampers baby

Pampers Baby Dry with the embossed layer keeps my son comfortable at night, leaving him 3 times drier than an ordinary diaper.  Pampers Baby Dry has breathable micropores that keep the fresh air moving in and out, with extra absorb channels providing up to 12-hours of overnight protection!  

pampers baby dry

Pampers Baby Dry is soft like cotton and thin, which surprised me.  I soon learned how the innovation of the thin diaper allows for a comfortable fit, while Pampers Extra Absorb Channels distribute wetness evenly and lock it away.  I love that we no longer have to wear a bulky diaper, but get “mom approved” results!

pampers baby dry new package

The Pampers Baby Dry with Extra Absorb Channels are currently available in sizes 5 and 6, with other sizes rolling out through the year (until December 2017).  So if you don’t see the special packaging in your child’s size just yet, know it’s coming to a store near you soon!  

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