My family loves peanut butter.  They also love fudge.  I have a super-easy Peanut Butter Fudge Balls Recipe, using only two ingredients! (It’s the best of both worlds!)  This recipe will literally take you less than fifteen minutes to make – and comes with very little clean-up!
peanut butter fudge
You will need:

1 (18 oz) jar of peanut butter, creamy or extra crunchy
1 (16 oz) tub of chocolate frosting

*My family prefers that I make this Peanut Butter Fudge Ball Recipe with the creamy peanut butter, but I had extra crunchy on hand, so that’s what we went with on this day!

peanut butter fudge

Start by stirring both the jar of peanut butter and the tub of chocolate frosting, each in their individual containers.  (Remember I said easy cleanup? Don’t put these in a bowl just to have to dump them into another bowl!)

Place both containers in the microwave, and warm for 1 minute and 25 seconds.  The contents of both containers should be runny, in liquid form (the peanut butter will be thicker than the frosting).  Pour both liquids into a bowl, and stir to combine.

peanut butter fudge

Pour the mixture into a 9×13 non-stick pan or into a 10×10 glass pan, lightly coated with non-stick spray.


Let the fudge sit for about 10 minutes or until firm.

When the fudge is firm, you have two options:  cut them into squares and serve or roll them into 1 inch balls.

peanut butter fudge

If you choose to make peanut butter fudge balls, place them onto a sheet of wax paper or a Sil Pat (non-stick sheet).  After the balls are rolled, I usually dust them with powdered sugar, cocoa powder or hot chocolate mix, then place them back in the refrigerator to firm up more (though they are just as good served at room temperature)!

When I don’t have these two ingredients, and my family wants something with peanut butter, we opt for peanut butter fudge! It’s just as yummy, but does require more cooking and clean-up.


  1. yummy~~~~ i will have to try this one out they look yummy…thanks for sharing.

    • Can you put in the fridge to set just bye melting both and adding together makes fudge l want to see how this turns out waiting for it to cool and set

  2. Briana Kennedy Reply

    MMMM! I love these and I have never heard of doing them this way! I may just have to try it out!!

  3. Colleen Schilinski Reply

    My husband would love these – OK….I would too. So simple but so good. Who of ever thought.

  4. I would not have imagined this could be so simple! And I really like that the fudge or balls don’t have to be refrigerated, which keeps me from making truffles (impossible to give somebody a gift that’s in the refrigerator!). Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Sherry Compton Reply

    Love how easy this is…only two ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes. Fun for the kids could roll them in sprinkles for added color.

  6. anne conover Reply

    Wow, want to try these. When rolled and dusted they remind me of truffles!! This is a keeper recipe. What can be bad about chocolate and peanut butter? Nothing!!

  7. wow, I always wondered how these were made when I’d see them at potlucks and such. Now I know and I can try it myself!

  8. Brittany Fitch Reply

    This looks so good! I love these and am so looking forward to making them myself!

  9. Robin Wilson Reply

    My aunt used to make these every Christmas and I never got the recipe! Now I can make them and give as gifts! Thanks so much!

  10. Laura Jacobson Reply

    Oh these look so yummy yet so easy! Thanks for the great idea!

  11. Kathleen M Smith Reply

    I wonder if this would work with sugar free frosting! Sounds good, thanks for the recipe!

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  13. What a great easy recipe I will have to try this one. My kids will love helping me make this.

  14. Cheryl Abdelnour Reply


  15. Karen Propes Reply

    I love this receipe, my Granddaughter can help me. She loves stirring things. Strange there are so many products out there that can be mixed for a great flavor. My husband like peanut butter and bananas, where I being the true southern like pineapple sandwiches with mayo. I can’t wait for my next visit with my sweet Aubs, we can create a treat for Mom and Dad while they are out.

  16. Amanda Rauch Reply

    Oh my!! This recipe could not be simpler!! I am a huge fan of all things pb. This will be going on my short list of things to make this month-thank you for sharing!!

  17. Oh my, so easy! I would also try this with different nut butters, like almond butter!

  18. Dawn Mitchell Reply

    Wow…easy peazy lemon squeezy! Im going to try this this weekend.

  19. Carolyn Colley Reply

    I’ve tried to make these before and man did I make a mess, they tasted good, but sure didn’t look anything like this, I will have to try these.

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