We are in the market for a new car.  My goal is always to keep the car as new as possible, but with four children, it’s hard to avoid the inevitable spills, wet shoes and ultimately, muddy tracks that are bound to happen within a few months.

After looking at our current van, I made a list of things someone would need to re-purchase, in order to protect your new car from kids.  (I laugh when I type that.  I’m going to try!)  But seriously, If you lift up the floor mats in my van, the plastic is still on the carpet… 10 years after purchase!  That carpet is new, but the floor mats… that’s another story.

protect your new car from kids

Floor Covering – buy floor mats to go on top of the carpet in your new car.  I bought mine at Target, they were about $20 for 4 mats, and so much easier than having to have carpet shampoo’d.

Silicone Muffin Liners In Cup Holders – google this one, y’all.  Once you see a picture, you’ll think of the sticky mess that gets inside the bottom of a cup holder and thank me.  It’s genius.

Back Of Seat Protectors – Feet like to crawl up on the back of the seat in front of children.  It’s a given.  Look in the baby section of your local retailer for the seat protector, which usually doubles as an organizer, too!

Under Car Seat Protector – Again, look for these in the baby section of your local retailer (WalMart, Target or Babies R Us.) This seat protector goes underneath the carseat, protecting your seat from spills, crumbs and intentions from the seat itself.  

Baby Wipes – We always have baby wipes and hand sanitizer on hand, and my children know to use it, if needed.  Of course, you can eliminate the need for baby wipes by keeping food and drinks out of the car to begin with.  (I allow water and an occasional cheese stick in the car.  I’ve learned that cheese crackers are something to avoid!)


This is a sponsored post, on behalf of Bud’s Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, Inc.


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