Everybody loves pizza. Whether sitting in front of the TV on movie night, grabbing dinner on a busy afternoon or taking a bite of a leftover slice in the morning, people look forward to this delicious entree. Some like it with just pepperoni, some like it with only cheese and some like it loaded!  RaceTrac understands and embraces its guests’ love for pizza – paired with whatever they like. Pizza + a taquito? Pizza + Swirl World? You be the judge!


Pizza at RaceTrac is special because you can grab a slice along with… whatever – a drink, a donut, a bag of Sour Screamin’ Onion chips, Swirl World… the list goes on and on!  RaceTrac delivers whatever gets you going, and the ultimate convenience is getting exactly what you want in a timely manner!


RaceTrac wants its guests to move beyond the roller grill to try out their pizza – hot, fresh and ready to go – the most convenient pizza you can get.  The pizzas are assembled in-store using fresh ingredients.  They bring in pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, sauce and toppings, then the RaceTrac team members make pizzas using ovens that perfectly cook the dough before cutting the 16” dough into 6 giant slices!


RaceTrac guests can grab slices out of the hot case with flavors including pepperoni and meat lover’s, but for a limited time, RaceTrac will offer Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which is sure to melt hearts as well as the cheese! 


The Buffalo Chicken Pizza* uses traditional Frank’s Red Hot Sauce as the base, 100 percent whole milk cheese and crispy breaded chicken — all topped off with ranch dressing!  Make sure you pair this one with a drink, because it definitely has a kick! *available in participating stores 

So What Gets You Going?


For me, it’s the Crazy Good Coffee bar.  With a variety of blends of fresh brewed coffee, including 100 percent Hazelnut, Regular, Columbian, Decaf and Dark Roast, you’re sure to get the highest quality coffee any time of day.   Watch for the new coffee machines coming to stores in 2018, which will give RaceTrac guests an even more elevated coffee experience. This new offering will allow guests to be their own barista by selecting their favorite coffee blend and watching the beans grind right before their eyes into the freshest cup of joe!  I love that I can become my own barista and add my favorite cream, sweetener and toppings right there in the store!  

Grab-And-Go Breakfast Sandwiches
Don’t forget about RaceTrac’s sandwiches — made in-house with hand-selected, high-quality ingredients such as  real buttermilk biscuits, flaky croissants, Jimmy Dean sausage and Tyson chicken breasts. The sandwiches are cooked and assembled fresh in store every day, wrapped and perfect for any guests’ grab-and-go lifestyle.  We recently tried the Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit, which was perfect for our busy day out of town.

Fresh Food
RaceTrac’s sandwiches, cut fruit and salads are made and delivered fresh to the stores daily.  They offer a Farmhouse Cobb Salad, a BLT Caesar Salad, a Side Garden Salad and a Greek Style Salad.  The exciting additions to the sandwich cooler have a fresh new look and taste! The packages were artfully designed to ensure the lettuce and toppings stay crispy and fresh from the moment they’re packaged until they hit your mouth.  I appreciated how the bacon was packaged separately from the cheese and both were separate from the lettuce! 

The salads would be perfect to pair with a sandwich, found right in RaceTrac’s sandwich cooler!  These sandwiches are fresh, flavorful and offer a variety of options:  Choose from Turkey & Swiss with Tomato, Italian Sub, Club Stacker and Chipotle Kickin’ Chicken Wrap.


We always make a stop at the roller grill, which is one of RaceTrac’s most popular offerings.  My husband loves Nathan’s Famous 100 percent Premium All Beef Hot Dog, but I just found out about the tamales! (a traditional corn husk-wrapped and stuffed with seasoned pork)  I also found out that roller grill items can be topped with your favorites like ketchup and mustard, or mixed up with new additions like onions, jalapenos and nacho cheese from the FREE toppings bar.


My children love Swirl World, and I love when we walk into a RaceTrac with this offering!  Imagine a variety of frozen desserts including ice creams, yogurts, sorbets and Italian Ice, all available to customize just how you like it – with up to 40 toppings*, including gummies, sprinkles, oreos, chocolate covered marshmallows, salted caramel
chips, hot fudge, and fresh berries, just to name a few.
*Number of toppings varies per store  


Make sure you connect with RaceTrac online and on social media to keep up with the latest offerings at a store near you!

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