If you’re looking for a last minute class party snack, take a look at these reindeer treats I made using GoGo Squeez applesauce pouches!

reindeer treats gogo

These reindeer treats were super easy to make using a snack everyone loves: applesauce pouches!

I used brown and red construction paper, googly eyes and a pipe cleaner to turn a plain pouch into a cute, festive one!  For each reindeer treat, you will need:

3″ brown circle for the head
0.65″ red circle for the nose
2 small googly eyes
1 pipe cleaner in brown or black, cut in half

reindeer treat 2

After cutting the supplies, glue each red nose onto the brown head, then glue on the 2 eyes.  Let dry before gluing the head onto the applesauce pouch.  Make sure you use enough glue to get the circle to stick.  

When the head is attached to the pouch, take 1/2 of each pipe cleaner and cut off 1.5″ from one end.  You will then wrap this smaller piece around one end of the larger piece, creating antlers.  Now, take the other end and wrap it around the cap of the GoGo Squeez pouch!  This makes the antlers so easy to remove when you are ready to eat!

 reindeer treat

These reindeer treats are perfect for class parties, gifts from Elves, gifts to classmates or just for holiday fun!

reindeer treats gogo

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  1. Awww those are absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic thing to have done. I can’t believe your actually making me feel broody when I’m sat here with my 5 month old!

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