Most of us buy everyday items and throw away or recycle the container.  Many of us want to find a new use for those containers, but we just don’t have the time to find an idea or “get crafty”. One container I have recently fell in love with is a Crystal Light container.  These clear, tube-like containers have a ton of uses, and I was quite disappointed in myself for throwing them in the recycle bin prior to today.

crystal light containersIt’s amazing what uses you can discover, when you put your mind to it.  In less than 5 minutes, I came up with 5 ways to reuse Crystal Light containers… but the possibilities are endless!

crystal light containersMy number one way to reuse this container: Keep an 8 oz block of cheese fresh!  That block of cheese fits perfectly inside – Is this not amazing?

crystal light containersMy second favorite way to recycle this container?  For disposable cutlery!  This would be great for birthday parties, camping, picnics and storage in your pantry!  The hard choice is deciding whether to store them with the handle up or down!

crystal light containersAs I’m typing this, I realize I have another number 1 favorite.  Snacks.  Um, is this not perfect for children?  You can use these containers on the road, at the park, during the football game and in the movie theater (I won’t tell!)

crystal light containersThis idea came from my daughter.  I seriously handed her the empty Crystal Light container and asked her to put something in it.  She chose dry erase markers because it’s an activity she loves!  Genius!  These containers are excellent for ink pens, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands… the list goes on!

crystal light containersAnd that last use sparked a new idea that I can use with my 5 year old:  Toddler on-the-go kits!  I let my son pick 20 of his favorite crayons and add them to an empty Crystal Light container.  He can keep this container in the car with a book, and it’s ready to go when we are! I can also be assured that if the crayons do happen to melt (in the crazy Texas heat), the wax won’t damage any surface because it’s contained! 

If you have time, you can even take out your Silhouette and add some vinyl letters to the container to personalize for each child! 

I’m so glad we thought about these ways to re-use these containers – especially on a product we buy weekly!


  1. Gr8 tips! Also good for holding packets of salt, pepper, sugar, sugar substitute. Small cookies

  2. i found another use for the lids-they are perfect size for little hands. paint one side-i do the inside of the cover with a dark color or use a thick coat. on the other side you put stickers or pictures-must have two of each picture or sticker and decopage them on. Now you have a memory game for the kids.
    I also put slits on the lids, attached a pretty ribbon through holes I poked into the side panel. Now its a piggy bank and the kids can decorate them on their own.

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