Do you have a child who loves Sesame Street as much as mine does?  This is a show I watched as a child, and I must say, Cookie Monster and Oscar still make me smile when I see them!  I’m happy to say each of my children have gone through the Sesame Street phase, and being my two-year-old is still there, you can gauge my excitement when I found out about a new parade at Sea World San Antonio — one that brings Sesame Street literally to the streets!

Children can now enjoy more of their Sesame Street friends while at Sea World San Antonio because the iconic brand now expands out of the Sesame Street Bay of Play® and onto the pathways of the park with the addition of a neighborhood street party parade.



This daily parade features everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends, 10 themed floats, contemporary tunes including Sesame Street favorites and two show-stopping performances throughout the parade route.  And my 2 year old absolutely loved it!

He also loved the Sesame Street dinner!  Imagine dinner with Elmo and his Sesame Street Bay of Play friends at Rosita’s Café!  Awesome, right?  For a guy who adores Elmo, Abby Cadabby and Cookie Monster, this was everything!  Plus, you can get the dinner package which includes a reserved area to watch the Sesame Street Party Parade!


Prices for dinner (pizza, pasta & salad buffet) start at $18.00 for a child (3-9) and $28.00 for adults (10+).  To add the dinner package with reserved parade viewing, the price is just $7 more/person, which I think is totally reasonable for a good spot (and you don’t have to line up extra early!)


For more information on these Sesame Street events at Sea World San Antonio, visit:

TIP: We had dinner reservations at 6:00pm.  The characters show up at 6:40pm and we just enough time to get to the final One Ocean show, which started at 7:30pm.

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