School is out for summer and that means my family will spend many days hanging out at the pool! With safety on my mind, I decided to enroll three of my children in swim school.  Thankfully, Sigma Swim offers a new program with Texas Health Fitness Center in Burleson, and they invited us to try their lessons this summer!

swim lessons in Burleson

As a mom looking for efficient swimming lessons in Burleson, I will admit I had a few concerns.  It has been a while since my older two children were enrolled in swimming lessons, and those classes left us with a less than a positive experience.  So I had questions about class sizes, instructor certification and curriculum.

About five years ago, we signed up for swimming lessons over the summer.  When we arrived for class, there were 9 other children in the pool with us.  NINE.  The lessons were advertised as “small class size”, but teaching 9 children in 45 minutes left us with very little time for instruction, so that was one of my major concerns when enrolling.  With Sigma Swim School, the first thing I noticed was the true small class sizes.  You can expect 1-5 children per class, depending on your class assignment, which is important to note.  I love having one-on-one time, which is important for successful lessons!

I also love that the pool at Texas Health Fitness Center in Burleson is indoors and temperature controlled. My children are like me – we don’t like cold water!  We are definitely comfortable and ready to swim as soon as we get to the pool!

swim lessons in Burleson

Sigma Swim Lessons in Burleson, TX

As for the curriculum -Sigma Swim School offers two major levels:
Tier 10: Beginning Swim School 
Tier 9: Advanced Swim School

Tier 10 begins with water acclimation and ends with freestyle and an introduction to backstroke.  Tier 9 completes the backstroke and ends with breaststroke and butterfly.  Students have 9 major mastery objectives to accomplish from Tier 10 through Tier 9, and will learn the same fundamental skills as Olympic athletics and lifetime swimmers.  The instructors were patient and flexible to my children’s levels.  I liked how they allowed my children to show what they were capable of and advance at a pace that worked for everyone.

swimming lessons in Burleson

A few tips on preparing for swim school:
 – don’t forget to pack a good pair of goggles and a towel
 – consider a swim cap if your daughter has long hair
 – if you choose lessons that are outdoors, apply sunscreen before arriving for lessons
 – talk to your children before lessons, and tell them to have confidence in their instructor
 – talk to your children afterwards and praise them for what they learned

swimming lessons in Burleson

We are off to a great summer and look forward to class each week!  Children can start swim school as young as 3 years old, and classes are available for adults, too!  For more information on Sigma Swimming Lessons in Burleson, Texas contact

*Burleson might not be on the list of locations yet, since the program is newly offered here.  If you call, you will receive current information! 817-991-8336


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