Summer is in full force, and the air temperature in Fort Worth, Texas has been reaching 100 degrees each day. It’s hot, and the best place to cool off is definitely in the water!ย  Summer time is the perfect time to instill water safety through SIGMA swimming lessons!

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I grew up with a swimming pool in my back yard, so I have always loved being in the water. I cringe when I hear of a drowning in our area. One drowning is too many, and I read about them far too often. With drowning being the 2nd leading cause of accidental death in the US for ages 14 and under, swimming lessons are one of the most important lessons to invest in.

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We have been taking swimming lessons through SIGMA for a month now. My 4 year old was way too comfortable around the pool, but had no idea how to swim or float on his own. With the help of SIGMA’s certified instructors, he is learning those basic skills and loving every minute.ย  And though my 10 year old already knows those skills and is at a higher level than my toddler, my 10 year old is learning new swimming strokes and techniques. (He has his eye on one day joining the swim team!)

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SIGMA Swimming Lessons

SIGMA Swimming is the only nationally ranked program in Fort Worth! They offer both youth and adult swimming lessons, a competitive swim team and water polo!

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With COVID-19 precautions in place, SIGMA’s pools are compliant and keep the swimmer’s best interest in mind. Whether it’s from the instructors wearing face shields during lessons or the implemented 2:1 ratio, as a parent, I could not feel safer about sending my kids to swim school.

SIGMA offers swimming lessons at 12 pools around Dallas Fort Worth, and those lessons start on the 1st week and 3rd week of each month!

For more information on SIGMA Swimming, you can visit their website or call (714) 396-1840.



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