Do you often wonder why “my car shakes when I hit 60 mph”?  Mine does, too, and my husband and I struggle to find the cause.  When I went to our local dealership to figure out what was going on, I was told it could be a variety of issues. 

car shakes at 60 mph

Since we all want (and expect) our cars to drive smoothly, I was excited to work with the service department at our local dealership to figure out what was going on.

my car shakes when i hit 60 mph

Every time my car shakes at 60 mph, I question it.  I found out the three main reasons for this to happen, though there could be more rare causes:

  1. Tires. Tires are the most common reason a car shakes when it reaches 60 mph. Tire balance, or lack thereof, makes the steering shake as the car increases in speed. Typically, the shaking begins as an automobile gets to 55 mph and only becomes more problematic as the speedometer increases to 60 or more.  The tire balance and alignment can be fixed really easily, just ask your service department for an appointment.  (Click here for tips on finding the best tires for your vehicle!)
  2. Brake rotors.  If your car’s brake rotors are “out of round”, then cars may vibrate when a driver increases speed. If the dirt has built up on the brake rotors. this can also cause a car’s steering wheel to shake.  (If it’s your steering wheel shaking, then you need to replace the front rotors.)
  3. Brake Caliper. A sticky brake caliper is the 3rd most common problem that causes a car to vibrate. Sticky brake calipers cause steering wheel vibration, simply because the shaking gets worse the faster the car accelerates and a slight burning odor can occur once the car stops.  Have your calipers checked during your next brake inspection.

 Again, these are just the three main causes to answer the question of “why your car shakes when I hit 60 mph”, according to the dealership. Make sure you take your car in for a thorough maintenance check, to eliminate any concerns you might have.


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