As we transition to the winter season, it’s important to prepare your car, truck, or SUV for the cold months ahead. (It’s also important to do this if you are traveling through states with cold weather!)  If your vehicle is not ready for the cold temperature, you could be faced with some high repair bills for not being prepared.  

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Here are 4 tips for preparing your vehicle for winter driving:

1. Get your battery checked.  You certainly don’t want to get stranded during the holiday season at a shopping mall, a restaurant or on the side of a highway. It is important to get your vehicle’s battery checked, especially if it is over two years old. Most auto parts stores will perform a check for free!  

2. Antifreeze.  You want to make sure your vehicle has a 50-50 antifreeze and water mixture inside the radiator. And even though your Antifreeze looks healthy, it might still need to be replaced. If the antifreeze’s important additives are worn out, which means it won’t protect your vehicle.  *Experts say you should replace the antifreeze every two years, which should prevent any problems. It is always best to get your antifreeze checked when you get an oil change. 

3. Tire pressure.  It is difficult to get good traction on roads and highways when there’s snow and ice on the ground. Having the correct tire pressure allows your vehicle to have the best possible traction in snow and ice.  Make sure the right amount of air pressure is in your tires. Look in the owner’s manual of your vehicle to see what the correct pressure is and make sure you top it up.

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4. Oil change.  It is important to make sure your car has the right oil for colder months and getting it replaced as the seasons change is important. Certain types of oil perform better in certain conditions. Your mechanic can let you know if a change is recommended. You need the correct thickness of oil as colder weather makes oil run thicker. 

5. Wiper blades. It seems simple enough, but if you can’t see the road or vehicles in front of you, there’s a great risk of an accident. The more it rains, snows, and sleets, the more use your wipers will get. Extreme weather situations make it increasingly important to have wipers that have a significant amount of life left.

Just a few steps can keep you safe during the winter months. It may cost a little bit of money up front, but it will save you much more in the long run! 

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