Spring is around the corner and I’m trying to jump on the “spring cleaning” bandwagon sooner rather than later.   With 4 kids in the house (plus a dog, a hermit crab AND a husband) I never seem to catch up on cleaning… especially in the bathroom!  I mean, I can clean it today and those teens are guaranteed to spill or miss within the week.  Lucky for me, I have some great bathroom cleaning tips that I keep in my back pocket.  I use them often because cleaning the bathroom is a never ending story (and this busy mom needs cleaning to end at some point!)  

We headed to Dollar General to check out the household cleaning supplies.  I picked up some much needed products — keep reading to see the best way to use them!


A Busy Mom’s Bathroom Cleaning Tips


1. Disinfect the toys —  Fill your sink with warm water and add a cap of white vinegar.  Let the toys soak for the length of time it will take you to clean the bathroom, then rinse, drain and air dry.

2. Disinfect the toothbrush holder — We brush our teeth daily, yet sometimes we forget to clean the toothbrush holder.  Keep in mind germs thrive in wet environments, and it’s likely your toothbrush drips water after brushing.  You can clean the toothbrush holder (and toothbrushes) with vinegar or a little peroxide.


3. Keep Disinfecting — germs love bathrooms.  When we get sick, we head to the bathroom. We touch the light switch, we touch the door knob, we touch the toilet and then turn on the water.  Make sure you refresh all these items with Lysol wipes!


4. Wipe down the mirror — you can use that same vinegar or Dollar General’s glass cleaner to wipe off those fingerprints and splashes.  Wipe use a coffee filter, paper towel or sheet of newspaper, working from top to bottom.


5. Clean the toilet and the toilet brush — one thing that hardly gets cleaned?  The toilet brush!  After we clean our toilets, most are quick to put the brush back in it’s place.  (Again, wet environment!) Add a cap of pine scented multi-surface cleaner to the bottom of the toilet brush holder to sanitize the container and help keep your bathroom smelling clean.

*TIP: One of my favorite toilet items is sold at Dollar General!  It’s this Bowl Fresh deodorizer.  I can’t find them at larger stores, but Dollar General still sells them for under $1.00!


6. Combat soap scum — using a lightly moistened super eraser, gently scrub your sink.  The soap scum will disappear quick and easy.  If needed, I use a little Comet to help with tough stains. 


7. As for the tub? Use an Oxy spray to get through the soap scum, grime, lime and calcium.  I like to spray it on, let it sit while I clean the toilet, then go back to the tub for a quick wipe up.  With the Oxy spray, I never find myself having to scrub or use extra energy that I seem to be running out of!

8. When you think you’re done, go back to the multi-surface cleaner and mop the floor.  It will leave your bathroom fresh, shiny and (almost) germ free.


You’ll notice I also picked up dish detergent and baking soda.  I am on a mission to clean the grout on my tile floors, and I read that this, mixed with vinegar will do the trick!  I know it will be a chore, and I might just save it for a summer project when those teens say they’re bored! 

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    Thank you for sharing the tips! There are some products I didn’t know about.

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