I’ve never been past exit 1 in Oklahoma.  There, I’ve said it.  We ventured an hour north to Winstar Casino one year, just to eat at the casino buffet, then drove back home. It was good, we ate to our hearts’ content and we have been wanting to go back ever since.  So when I was invited to tour Oklahoma, specifically to visit 3 cities (Stillwater, Oklahoma City and Norman), I knew it would be the perfect mini-vacation for summer.


Again, having never been to Oklahoma, this trip was a first for each of us  …and we had an amazing experience!  

A Day In Stillwater, Oklahoma

We drove right to Stillwater, which is about 4 hours from Fort Worth, TX.  Our first stop was on the Oklahoma State University campus for lunch, at The Hideaway.  

Stillwater Hideaway Pizza

Let me stop right here before I go further.  If you are ever in Stillwater, you NEED to put Hideaway on your list of things to do.  They offer pizza, sandwiches, salad and pasta, but forget about everything that’s healthy and go for the pizza.  In fact, order the fried mushrooms and gouda mac & cheese bites, too.  There’s a reason Hideaway was voted #1 pizza in Oklahoma.  


With stuffed bellies, we ventured to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum for a private tour of the exhibits.  


My children had so much fun having a scavenger hunt while my husband and I soaked up many interesting facts.  It was a great way to get out of the heat and learn about the past and present wrestlers.

wondertorium oklahoma

After we left the museum, we visited the Wondertorium, but had no clue what was in store for us.  We walked in and almost immediately, my children were asked if they wanted to build a circuit or make something with wood.  I saw their eyes light up, and I knew this was going to be amazing. With four children under the age of 12, sometimes it can be a challenge to find activities that everyone enjoys. 

wondertorium oklahoma wondertorium oklahoma

From a mock doctor’s office to a water table to a pizza cafe and a room just for toddlers, we could have stayed at the Wondertorium all day!  My 12 year old had just as much fun as my 1 year old.  I mean, look at these pictures…  That’s my TWELVE year old making pizza in the kitchen!

wondertorium oklahoma

When the Wondertorium closed, we headed to Boomer Lake for kayaking with White Rock Paddle Company.  I had never been in a kayak, and neither had my children.  I was kind of nervous that my children would tip our kayak over (no one gave instructions on paddling!) but with my husband’s reassurance of “you’ve got this” I was good to go.  I had on a life jacket, as did my children, and it was easier than I anticipated.  I can promise you that we will be kayaking again soon!

kayaking in Oklahome

Boomer Lake was calm, with only a few fishermen nearby.  The lake was beautiful, offering a splash pad and ducks along the path.  It would be a great place to have an afternoon picnic, but we had been told about another must-try restaurant in Stillwater: Eskimo Joe’s.

If I had just three words to describe Eskimo Joe’s, it would be Bacon Cheese Fries.  Try them and thank me later.  The fries could be a meal, and I’m not even joking. 

eskimo joe’s

I was so happy to check into our hotel after dinner because they almost had to roll me out of the restaurant.  My hamburger was incredible and my children loved the fact that the atmosphere was fun and bright.  Make sure you visit the t-shirt store next door to the restaurant before you leave, though!

PicMonkey Image

Before departing Stillwater, we stopped at the Botanic Garden of OSU.  The walking trails, sensory garden and blooming flowers were such a nice sight.  A gardener was telling us about the research, developments and events that occur at the Botanic Garden.  This would be a beautiful place to take family pictures! 


Our trip to Stillwater was great. It was a new experience for each of us and included educational pieces every step of the way!  I loved that we were visiting during the city’s Crazy Days sale, which was fun to see!  

Make sure you stay tuned to read about our adventure in Oklahoma City and Norman. 

Thanks again to the city of Stillwater for hosting my family this summer! 

stillwater ok

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