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We have used Mean Green products in our home for years.  I love the fact that I can find certain products tailored to the job at hand, whether I’m cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, outdoor furniture or the garage.  The line of Mean Green cleaners help me get the house sparkling clean over the summer, and I’m excited to help introduce you to three of the new products:

Mean Green Heavy Duty Wipes Super Strength

Mean Green® Super Strength Heavy Duty Wipes are specially formulated to out-clean other brands on tough grease and grime. Easily removes grease, grime, oil, adhesives, and other tough messes from various surfaces. It’s ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, garage, DIY projects, construction sites, commercial cleaning, in the home, or on the move!

Mean Green Auto & Garage Cleaner and Degreaser

Mean Green® Auto & Garage is a concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser. Proven to beat other brands on tough grease and grime. Specially formulated to remove and dissolve petroleum based grease, grime, and oil from engines, tools, and concrete, to outdoor furniture, grills, painted surfaces, and more. 

Mean Green Car Wash

Mean Green® Car Wash is specifically formulated to deliver rich foam that effortlessly removes dirt and grime without leaving behind streaks or spots. Cleans cars quickly and with confidence. Use Mean Green Car Wash for at home convenience, right from your garden hose. NO BUCKET NEEDED!

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Make sure you look for these and other Mean Green products at a store near you. 

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