This super easy bat craft is the perfect Halloween craft for preschool children. It requires just a few supplies and can be completed in a few minutes.

easy Bat Craft

To make the bat craft, you will need:

1 white paper plate (8-9 inches)  *Foam paper plates won’t work.
      (or, you can use 1 large yellow paper plate, though you will need to purchase this from the party department)
yellow paint
a paint brush
black construction paper
google eyes
small yellow pom pom

super easy bat craft

Paint the paper plate yellow.  I like to add a small dollop of paint to the center of the plate and have the children spread it around, covering everything that’s white.

super easy bat craft

If you use a small amount of paint, it will dry rather quickly.

super easy bat craftAllow the paper plate to dry.  You could paint the plates right before recess, lunch or dismissal, then go back to them later. 

The paper plate will be your “moon”.



Next, you will prepare to cut shapes from the black construction paper. 

super easy bat craft

You will need one large circle (body), two large triangles (wings) and two small triangles (ears).

super easy bat craft

Now, direct the children to place the shapes on the moon to create a bat.  
Once they are in place, have them use glue to secure the shapes to the paper plate.

super easy bat craft

Add the eyes and pom pom, and allow the bat to dry! super easy bat craft


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