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Texas Travel

We made the decision to move from Louisiana to Texas just 9 short years ago.  Though we get out and explore by taking road trips often, there is so much of this great state we have yet to discover. nasher sculpture reunion tower dallas

We’ve been to cities like Fredricksburg, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Grapevine, Dallas and The Woodlands, but we’ve never been to Midland, West or Paris… all destinations we hope to visit one day!

Soon, we will be traveling around the state of Texas on a road trip – ready to discover new territory.  Getting ready for this trip has been interesting.  With four children, ages ranging from teenager to toddler, I have to make sure each child is entertained with just the right supplies and enough mess-free snacks to get us to the next stop.

Treetop Applesauce Texas

I let each child pack a backpack, telling them they can put up to ten items inside.  My daughter fell in love with a perfectly themed Texas Activity Book, while my son had fun reading us the  I Love Texas ABC book.  They were both themed so well, and I’d love to see the Texas ABC book at our local library for others to enjoy.  We loved reading about the Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Space Center and The Astros, before coloring pages that went along with some Texas destinations that were familiar to us.  (We are saving the unfamiliar venues to color when we learn about them, as per my daughter’s request.)

Treetop Texas

My toddler son’s backpack was stocked with board books and snacks that wouldn’t make a mess all over the van.  I learned he is a huge fan of the Tree Top Applesauce Pouches, and Mom definitely approved!  

Treetop Texas

Tree Top’s Applesauce Pouches are made of high quality and wholesome ingredients, using 100% apples from the growers’ local orchards!  It’s the perfect road trip snack for families on the go this summer!  (I loved reading that the pouches contain no high fructose corn syrup, come in BPA-free packaging and are available in three flavors: No Sugar Added Apple, Cinnamon and Strawberry!)

Other ideas on what to pack for a family road trip:

  • Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer.  You never know when you’ll need them… Better safe than sorry!
  • GPS or Maps.  Keep them nearby, along with your destination address.  You don’t want to get lost!
  • Roadside Assistance Kit.  It’s always good to have the basic supplies with you. (Flashlights are super important!)
  • Camera.  Keep it in a place that’s accessible.  Take pictures along the way!
  • A Light Jacket.  Temperatures can change from city to city.  You want to be prepared (this goes for children, too!)
  • A Blanket or Neck Pillow.  Get comfortable!
  • Electronic Devices. Charge them and have chargers nearby.
  • Headphones.  3 devices on at the same time Mom and Dad are trying to listen to the radio or have conversations in the front seat… 
  • Change for toll roads.  I speak from experience on this one.  Bring change.
  • Sunglasses.  If you time it right, the sun will be your best friend.  If you time it wrong, the sun will impair your vision, and you’ll wish you had sunglasses with you!

TreeTop No Mess In Texas

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