Let’s take a second to talk about mattresses because that is one household item that is used daily.  We’ve had an air mattress, a firm mattress, a soft and slightly uncomfortable mattress and a fold out mattress, to name a few.  My children get their own twin mattress when they graduate from the baby crib, which my youngest just transitioned to (from mom and dad’s bed.)  Let’s say our mattress is more comfortable than his, and he knows the difference! (Plus, I love co-sleeping with a nursing baby!)

baby crib birthday

Until last week, our baby crib housed your usual standard crib mattress, and I’m sure you know what “standard mattress” I’m referring to.  It’s usually the only one available at your local baby store, commonly purchased by parents awaiting the birth of their child.  With four children, I’ve gone through two mattresses, with my youngest receiving a new one due to the 6 year age difference with his brother.  There was no visible improvement or changes to the mattress since I last purchased one 12 years ago.  (Or none that I could tell.)  I’ve always wondered why an item so commonly soiled on couldn’t be made with the intention of washing.  Nonetheless, we covered the mattress with a protector and went about our day.

Que the Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress.  A fundamental item that is breathable, soft, yet firm, and offers many features all new parents should look for in a baby crib mattress.


When the mattress arrived, I opened the box to take a look inside.  The mattress had the perfect amount of firmness and bounces back when pressed down.  The entire mattress is washable, so I unzipped the cover to see just what was inside to make that possible.


The Inside

Imagine a huge bag of uncooked ramen noodles, then shape them into a rectangle and give them the ability to be pliable and not crack.  That’s what the mattress looks like on the inside.  There are no springs or coils, and no padding to house germs, sweat or spit up.

baby crib mattress

The Wovenaire mattress fits great in the crib, with no gaps around the sides.  It weighs about 11 pounds, which is light enough for me to change the sheets and put back in place without hassle.  And since I don’t need to worry about a waterproof pad, changing the sheets is even easier than you think!  


I put my face well into the mattress, just to see how breathable it was.  I was excited to note that I could still breathe, which is important because of infants who roll onto their tummy, but do not have the ability to fully lift their head.  This was a fear of mine through all four children.


It’s Washable

I poured a cup of water on the mattress, just to see what would happen.  Since there is nothing to absorb the liquid (or urine or spit up,) the water goes straight through the mattress!  You will literally have a puddle underneath, so keep that in mind.  The mattress and padding was damp, but not soaked like I expected.  Both dried in about 45 minutes, so I might consider a mattress cover, just so I can get back to bed in the middle of the night without having to wait.  Still, I’ll take that over urine (and other things) collecting inside the mattress!  You can even take the mattress in the shower with you to give it a cleaning every so often!



The Warranty

The mattress comes with a limited lifetime warranty, for original owner only.  It retails for $300, but compared to mattresses that need to be replaced often, you should consider this as an investment.  The features make it worth it!


We have started to put my son in his crib for all naps, and I seriously give all credit to this mattress for making the transition easy!  He will sleep for almost two hours, and I’ll take that over thirty minute “power naps” any day!

For more information on the Wovenaire Baby Crib mattress, make sure you visit Newton Baby online.  And right now, Hustle Mom Repeat readers can save $30 off a full-size or mini-crib mattress with discount code HUSTLE30 at checkout.


  1. Hi Dawn, I’m trying to find a crib mattress size 140cm x 70cm. Itโ€™s a uk size. I live in USA but I’m having trouble finding somewhere I can purchase the correct size. Help, any ideas?

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