things to pack for disneyMy family has been to Disney several times.  It is our top vacation destination and we have so much fun!  One way to ensure our trip goes smoothly, is by packing some essential items that can easily be forgotten!  Take a look at my top 5 things to pack for your Disney vacation:

  1. Water bottle – It’s so easy to stick an extra water bottle inside your backpack each day.  You never know when someone in your party will need it!  The park offers free water and/or ice.  Just ask for it at the snack counters!
  2. Ziploc bags – These are great for snacks, leftovers and water rides!  Put your cell phones, cameras and wallets inside and don’t worry about them getting wet!
    things to pack
  3. Sponges – I buy new, inexpensive sponges from the dollar store.  About a week before our trip, I wet them thoroughly, then ring out the water.  I add a good amount of liquid dish soap to each sponge, then let them dry overnight.  The next day, I cut each sponge into 3 strips.  I then put all the sponges into a ziploc bag, and use when needed – tossing after use!  This is especially good for washing those refillable mugs each night! 
  4. things to pack for disneyRain coats – It rains often in Florida!  Pack your own ponchos and rain coats to avoid overpaying for them in the parks!  If you have a stroller, make sure you pack an extra large garbage bag to cover the seat when not in use!
  5. Souvenirs – I always buy little gifts at our local store (or the Walmart near Disney World) and give them to my children throughout the week.  (Actually, the characters leave a gift, along with a cute note, for them each night.)  This eliminates the excessive wants and “needs” for gifts while in the park.  


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