Many of our friends will be traveling with pets this holiday season. I remember how our dog used to love sticking his head out the window, absorbing the fresh air every step of the way!

road trip

If you are bringing your furry friend along for the ride this year, make note of these 5 tips for doing so:

Schedule the pit stops: Since dogs aren’t used to being in a car for hours at a time, it’s important to schedule pit stops for a quick walk and “doggy business”.  (Make sure you clean up your pet’s mess!)  Don’t be in a hurry to get back on the road – a 15 minute walk is great, though 30 minutes of freedom would be best!

Don’t forget the bowls: When you make these pit stops, your furry friend will need water. Don’t expect pit stops to have this – bring your own, as well as a few bottles of water and dog food.

Invest in a bed that will fit in the car: Space is usually limited with suitcases (and possibly gifts), but if you can fit a doggy bed on the floorboard or on the back seat, your pet will be nice and comfortable throughout the ride. 

Get new toys: All dogs love new toys that are made for them! I’d probably bring an old favorite, too, just so your friend has a familiar item. Don’t forget snacks, but keep in mind more snacks = more pit stops.

Invest in medicine for nauseous pets: If you are taking a very long road trip, talk to your veterinarian about travel sickness medicines.  Better safe than sorry! 


This post is sponsored by Thompson Toyota, located in Edgewood, MD. 

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