You may have seen this post for instructions on how to make a reverse canvas.  It’s very popular, and there’s no questioning why… the reverse canvas makes a great project, housewarming gift, anniversary present, etc!  There’s always an occasion for a sign!

reverse canvas 3


This is the design I use most often.

Some of my favorite fonts: Bodoni, Book Antiqua, Starfish, Atatila and Arial Rounded.

I have used the 16×20, 10×20 and 12×16 canvas sizes.  Any size can work!  Remember to use a 40% off coupon when shopping at Michael’s, JoAnne’s or Hobby Lobby!

I use Command Strips to hang them.  You can purchase those here: and attach to the back.

My favorite tip: after you have stapled the canvas back onto the frame, lightly spray the canvas with water.  Somehow, this will pull the canvas tight and your wrinkles will dissapear!

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  1. Did your 16×20 frames have a support piece running through the middle? I haven’t been able to find any tutorials on frames with this and I can’t figure out a work around!

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