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If you live in Texas, you know the dreaded feeling of taking a look at your monthly electricity bill.  With summer temperatures reaching upwards of 100 degrees, I, as many others, look for ways to save on energy whenever possible.   

I’m often asked for tips on lowering energy use, and here are my usual suggestions:

1.  Unplug Unused Electronic Devices
 – Electronic devices still consume power when plugged in, whether or not they are in use or even turned on.  If there is a computer that rarely gets used or a toaster that is used every other week, consider unplugging it and plugging it in when needed.

2.  Adjust your Air Conditioner’s Thermostat
 – Find a comfortable temperature and stick to it.  In our house, the thermostat stays on 78 degrees, going down to 77 when it’s really hot outside.  Use fans to help cool hot areas.  *It’s also a good idea to change your A/C filter on a regular basis!

3.  Close the Blinds!
 – Sun = HEAT.  Keep the sun out when you close the room’s window blinds.  Adding a shade or curtain can help cool a room, too!

4.  Wash Clothes and Dishes at Night!
 – Both the dishwasher and dryer use heat to dry their contents inside.   Turn these devices on at night, when the temperatures are somewhat cooler.   *Don’t forget to remove lint from your dryer’s trap!

5.  Grill It!
 – Instead of turning on the oven, consider going outside to grill dinner.  Ovens put off a lot of heat (obviously) and that means more use of the A/C to cool off what heat you are bringing into the kitchen!

Just a few small changes can make a big impact on the monthly energy costs.  In fact, our friends at StarTex have more energy tips that can help beat the Texas heat, too:

 – Clean your air filters regularly so that your AC doesn’t have to work harder than necessary!

 – Keep your home cool by leaving the windows open at night and then closing them in the morning to lock in the cool air.

Or how about this one:

I never thought about changing to light cotton sheets for a more comfortable sleep or just how little it costs to run ceiling fans in a room!  Sounds like we are going to be making a few little changes in our house this summer!  

As I was reading through the list of energy reducing tips from StarTex, I also read that they offer a bundled electricity plan that has no service charge for AC system repairs for customers in the Dallas and Houston area.  I’d imagine that could really come in handy and save customers even more!

Make sure you check out StarTex Power on Facebook  for more\money saving tips!

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