There is nothing better than waking up Christmas morning to see smiles on the faces of children, followed by a day of family and friends! While there are thousands of items on the market these days, these are a few of the top holiday gifts for kids this holiday season!

top gifts for kids



Cruise in style with this Euro-style inspired electric scooter from Razor. Featuring a high-performance, chain-driven electric motor and a vintage-inspired body, the Pocket Mod can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.  The scooter also teams a pair of 12-inch pneumatic tires with a rear suspension system to ensure a comfortable ride.

Other features include a retractable kickstand, variable-speed acceleration, a padded seat with hidden storage space, and a built-in battery that travels for up to 10 miles on a single charge. Fast enough for a quick trip to the corner store or a fun ride in the country.

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Build-A-Bear‘s Blue Blast Husky is ready for an adventure! This Northern husky pup is a loyal friend to anyone it meets. Blue Blast makes an ultra-cool furry friend with its wintry blue fur, white belly and soft bushy tail. Whether out sledding or just exploring the snowy woods, this howlin’ cute husky stuffed animal is sure to warm your heart. Make your furry friend even more unique by choosing its own outfits and accessories!

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Taking a temperature with a light stroke across the forehead, the Temporal Scanner thermometer provides an innovative method of temperature assessment, based on infrared readings of temporal artery blood flow. The temporal artery area has a long history of temperature measurement, dating back to the early centuries before Christ.

The Temporal Scanner forehead scan thermometer is fast, accurate, easy to use, and gentle enough to be used even on a sleeping patient. It is truly non-invasive, eliminating any discomfort caused by a thermometer inserted in the ear, mouth, or rectum, and can be used for all patients, newborns through geriatrics.

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Debbie Lynn gives you the tools for you add your imagination to!  We are in love with these ginormous coloring pages, which are perfect for rainy days, camp activities, senior centers, church groups, classrooms, girls night in/out, waiting areas, businesses or teacher lounges.  The posters are made of super thick quality paper and perfect for crayons, markers or color pencils!  The easy to color-in bold lines make this a great gift for children of all ages. 

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Aspiring artists can make beautiful ceramics to give or keep with this foot pedal-operated, dual speed and dual direction pottery wheel. Mindware’s deluxe pottery wheel kit includes an AC adapter to power the wheel’s multi-speed motor, 2 1/2 pounds of pre-mixed air-dry clay, sculpting and cutting tools, 12 paints, paint brush, splatter shield and guide book. The Clay Refill adds an extra five pounds of air-dry clay.  It’s the strongest and most durable toy pottery wheel available for beginners.

This and other hands-on kits can be found at

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With over 100 pieces and 18 different construction elements, the GraviTrax Starter Set offers everything you need to begin building your own action-packed track systems. Discover how the laws of physics affect the journey your marble takes with curves, junctions, freefalls and even a cannon. Experiment using different heights and angles to control the speed of the marble to get it to the finish.

Expansion packs and accessories are available.  To see the complete product line, visit

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Tinkering Lab’s Electric Motors Catalyst makes it easy for parents and teachers to provide kids with super-fun open-ended learning and Tinkering. Kids can build a countless number of projects that utilize the power of electric motors. To help them get started, the Catalyst comes with a set of Challenge Cards with cards that include:

  • Build a machine that draws curvy lines
  • Make a machine that can scramble an egg
  • Build a vehicle with a suspension system

It’s a Unique STEM Toy for kids!  (Plus, KID-TESTED, PARENT-APPROVED!)

The Electric Motors Catalyst kit can be purchased on Amazon.


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In Bridger’s world, passengers in major metro cities trust the Metroliner to take them to and from work, home and all places in between.

The Metroliner opens the world to where imagination and technology intersect. 
The fun starts by building the Metroliner engine and the track it runs on. Children bring the Metroliner to life – on their own – by simply downloading the pre-programmed app.  From there, the sky is the limit. Children can write their own code to modify the operation and control of the Metroliner. They can add Lionel® or LEGO® train cars if they like. Create your own buildings and theme your train layout. 

There are 4 sets available.  Each Bridger Train set can be purchased at

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