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S.O.S Pads might just be the world’s best kept secret when it comes to cleaning.  And since S.O.S has been the nation’s #1 selling soap pad brand for almost 100 years, it’s very possible you have seen a box or two of these in your cleaning cabinet.  These reusable, soap-filled steel wool pads have been tackling life’s greasiest, caked-on pots, pans and casserole dishes since 1917.

The power of those iconic S.O.S pads doesn’t stop in the kitchen.  These small pads are versatile enough to tackle most of your cleaning projects both in the kitchen and out. 

Take a look at my 8 favorite uses for SOS Pads:

  1. Scrub your pots and pans!
  2. Clean your tire rims!
  3. Scrub the stove top and those grease catchers!
  4. Keep the grill free of rust!
  5. Remove sticky labels and words from PVC pipes!
  6. Sharpen your scissors by cutting a few soap pads in half!
  7. Wash your ice chests!
  8. Clean your patio furniture!

Through October 31, S.O.S is giving 50 lucky winners a year’s supply of steel wool pads!  To enter, visit the S.O.S Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SOSClorox and cross your fingers as you enter!  (If you’re using a phone or mobile device, visit http://bit.ly/1s5nwt9 to enter.)

But wait… I have a year’s supply for one lucky The Frugal Mom reader!  That’s twelve, 10-count boxes to tackle your cleaning needs!

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  1. I use SOS Pads to clean my stove top, pots, and my grill outdoors. I love these things!!! They work wonders!

  2. Julie Wood Reply

    I will use the SOS pads to help clean up the bottoms of my dirty pots and pans. I would also help me clean up the dirty parts on my grill that I can not seem to get the food off of.

  3. I use sos pads to clean roasting pans and other pots. Anything that ha cooked on food gets cleaned with sos pads. thanks

  4. Jeanne Corisdeo Reply

    Can you use them to clean tubs and sinks in bathroom. Will they scratch the finish. Also glass stove tops . If you have marks on the wall can they be used ????

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