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We are a busy family. Between school, work, sports and trips to the gym, we look forward to “days off” and enjoying a relaxing night together. Those nights usually include a quick dinner, early bathtime and our family’s favorite: TV night.

movie night

TV night started on a whim, but I must say, it’s one family activity we all enjoy so much! After all the homework and dishes are put away, we slip into pajamas, claim our warmest blanket and write down each of our shows of choice on a slip of paper. My son puts all of the slips in a hat (last week he used a shoe), and my daughter picks one. Whatever she picks, we go for… we all agree there can be no rebuttal or complaints, but that usually doesn’t happen because the “losers” (aka. whoever’s show was not chosen), get to choose the evening snack or dessert! We pop popcorn a lot, but there have been times we rush off to the store for ice cream or apple pie! It’s a win-win for everyone!

movie night 2

This week, my husband’s slip of paper was drawn and his show of choice was Young Sheldon.  Of course, the entire family was happy to catch up on some of the episodes. My teenager, who usually watches Young Sheldon with my husband and m6, was excited to read that as of this Fall, Young Sheldon is now on five nights a week! We enjoy Young Sheldon because it’s a family comedy that is relatable and reflects nearly everything about some of our relatives!  If you haven’t watched it, I promise you’ll relate to some of the situations! (To find out how you can watch Young Sheldon in your area go to or  – click here to see your local TV listing. In DFW, find it on CW33.) 

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This post is sponsored by Warner Bros. All comments and opinions are my own.



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