Our family enjoys trips to Great Wolf Lodge! It’s a great resort, with an indoor waterpark, arcade, food and the beloved MagiQuest!  Everyone will be excited, but once your room is booked, the next search on your browser might be what to pack for Great Wolf Lodge – we have you covered with a few tips included, too!


What to pack for Great Wolf Lodge (1)

We have been to Great Wolf Lodge several times. Packing can be overwhelming, and I’ve compiled a Great Wolf Lodge packing list that will ease some of the stress, while ensuring you have all bases covered. 


Most importantly, you need to start by planning your trip. Not just booking the room – plan the day once you arrive.  With a little research, you’ll see the check-in time, but you can also note the swim time, which is different from check-in.  For instance, check-in for your room is at 4:00 pm, but guests can get access to the waterpark at 1:00 pm.  (I always suggest getting there early for this purpose! Get the most out of those extra 3 hours!)

What To Pack For Great Wolf Lodge

Swimsuits: Obvious, but something not to forget.

Swim Shoes or Flip Flops: When you’re walking from the room to the waterpark, you won’t want to put on socks and tennis shoes, and the same goes for when you’re drying off and heading back to the room after your swim. *If you are planning to do the ropes course, you will need to pack closed-toe shoes.

Sunscreen: There is an outdoor pool and outdoor slides, if you’re traveling during the summer months. 

Beach towels: The resort provides towels inside the waterpark, but keep in mind that these can not be brought up to your room. Since the resort is cool, my children always freeze while walking back to the room. They like to cover-up, so we pack one or two towels for them to do so.  *If you are flying in and don’t have the space for towels, I’d definitely hang out at the waterpark to dry off vs using the luggage space for towels that will be provided.

What to pack for Great Wolf Lodge

Swim diapers: If you have a child who is not potty trained, these are important to pack. Swim diapers are cheaper on Amazon than they are in the resort.

Goggles: Also cheaper on Amazon, but if you are considering the Paw Pass, know that a pair of goggles are included!

What to pack for Great Wolf Lodge

Snacks: While you can not bring snacks into the waterpark, you are welcome to set up a snack area in the lobby, outside or in your room, and I highly recommend doing so. (Everyone needs a break for snacks!) Here’s a list of packable snacks: 

  • vegetable tray
  • cheese and crackers
  • fresh fruit
  • juice boxes or Capri Sun
  • charcuterie boards
  •  chips and dip
  •  trail mix
  • popcorn

Meals: The resorts do have restaurants inside, and some are reasonably priced. (For instance, a large pizza at the Grapevine, Texas location is about $18.00) The Grapevine, Texas location also has tons of restaurants nearby, though you might not have that convenience at other locations. Even with restaurants inside the resort or nearby, eating out is costly so we like to pack a crock pot, hot dogs and all the fixings! (Plus, each room has a microwave and refrigerator!)  If your family is okay with soup from a can, opt for that, or consider cooking beforehand and warming the ingredients in your room (roast, tacos, sloppy joes, etc.)!  *Don’t forget the sodas, juice and a case of water. And for breakfast: cereal, muffins, yogurt, oatmeal, granola bars, fruit, etc.

What to pack for Great Wolf Lodge

…back to the list of What to pack for Great Wolf Lodge:

a sharpie: If you have more than one child, a sharpie will come in handy! We label water bottles, plates, arcade cards, wands, etc. It avoids arguments and leads to less waste of water bottles. 

pajamas: If you plan to go to storytime before bed, pack a fun pair of pajamas for the kids to slip into!

a separate duffel bag: Trust me on this! Check-out time on the day of departure is at 11:00 am, but guests can swim all day long! Since you’ll have to check out of your room early, I suggest leaving for lunch and then returning for more waterpark fun!  (Just don’t remove your wristbands!) The only downfall is that you’ll have to change out of your wet clothes at the end of the day and your luggage will be in your vehicle… so pack a separate duffel with dry clothes and a garbage bag to put the wet clothes in!

glow sticks and/or bubble guns: If you are traveling with young children and you plan to attend the dance party, know that the resort sells glow items and bubble guns during this free event. Purchasing these items prior to your visit to Great Wolf Lodge will save you some money.  They are available at Dollar Tree, Walmart or Target.



  1. You canโ€™t bring crockpots into the hotel. Good way to teach a family to be kicked out of the lodge

    • Dawn Monroe Reply

      While the resort doesn’t allow open flames, we have asked about a crock pot several times and told it was okay. I would definitely call your location beforehand, just to make sure they are permitted.

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