This weekend, my son had his first big sleepover.  An Army party.  

army birthday party ideas
He handed out the invitations, and though I was prepared, I had no idea how many members of the cavalry were going to show up.  He’d come home and say things like “C. is coming” and “R. is coming, but he is not sleeping” and I also invited “D. who is W.’s friend”. Did I say I was prepared? 

army birthday party ideas
Here are a few Army birthday party ideas to help you prepare for your next big 9 year old’s birthday bash!

I started to “prepare” with camouflage cupcakes.  I had glanced at this cool idea on Pinterest, but never thought to click through to read instructions.  My great mind thought it was easy-peasy, so I went to Michael’s to buy some Wilton food color.  I needed dark brown, green and light brown, but would use the natural color of the vanilla batter for the light brown.

The cupcakes are very easy to make.  Just prepare your cake batter, divide it into three bowls and add desired food color to each.  Add dollops of each batter to the cupcake liners.  Bake as instructed on the package.

army birtyday party ideasAs the cupcakes baked, though, I slowly realized Wilton’s brown coloring looked like over baked vanilla batter.  Next time, I suggest using chocolate for the brown so it’s darker.  Still, they tasted great and I figured the boys wouldn’t be looking at “that” anyway!

Camouflage Popcorn Ball Recipe
While the cupcakes cooled, I made a batch of Camouflage Popcorn Balls.  These were delicious, too!  (Not that I ate one OR two.)  Imagine rice krispie treats with popcorn.  Um, yes!  These were a huge hit with the boys!

Another huge hit?

army birthday party ideas
Once the cupcakes had cooled, I topped them with a batch of my homemade icing.  I divided the icing into the separate bowls, and, like the popcorn balls, added food coloring to each.  I then added dollops of the three icings to my piping bag and began decorating the cupcakes.  (I don’t know that I would do this next time, though.  Just stick to one color if you will top them with crumbled cookies….)  Before the icing has time to set, top with crumbles of light brown cookies (I used vanilla wafers.) and add an Army man.  The boys couldn’t wait to sing Happy Birthday to get their hands on these!

army birthday party ideas
Drinks?  I made a huge container of “Refueling Liquid” and poured it in a glass beverage dispenser.  Each boy received a canteen, and I think I will buy these for every birthday party here on out!  There were no spills and the canteens made the boys very independent!  I think they drank all night long, since these were so “cool”!  They made a great addition to the party favors!

The boys had so much fun, and just for the record:  hot potato with a REAL hot potato is “Epic!”  9 year old boys LOVE this!  (I heated a potato in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, until it was warm to the touch.)

army birthday party ideasHappy Birthday, Logan!  I hope you had as much fun as I did!


  1. I was wondering where you bought the canteens. Thank you! Great ideas

  2. Could you please tell me where you bought those canteens?? My sons birthday is in two weeks and I really need to know!! Thank you.

    • Dawn Monroe Reply

      I bought them at Target, in the $1 spot! Have you looked online at Oriental Trading?

  3. Such great ideas! Thanks. I love your birthday army invite. Where can I get that invite?

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