Not all Marvel films are created equally.  If you’re a parent, your ideal situation would be to screen every film before your children see it.  But if you’re like my children, they want to get to the theater this weekend… and I can’t blame them.  I mean, tons of Avengers in one film?  It might be too good to be true!

Before Watching Avengers Infinity War

I do recommend reading no spoiler reviews first.  You might find them very helpful.  You don’t want to bring your 8 year old superhero lover to a film, only to find out there are curse words being said every three seconds.  You never know!  (You can read my list of 3 Things To Do Before Seeing Avengers: Infinity War.)

Always use your best judgment.  I brought my 13 year old to see Avengers Infinity War.  I would let my (almost) 9 year old see it.  Any younger and children might not stay interested, due to the length of the film.  It’s almost 3 hours from start to finish.  And that’s after the credits have rolled and the extra scene has played. 


Is Avengers Infinity War For Kids?

PROFANITY: There is some “adult” language in Avengers Infinity War, but nothing too bad.  I heard: hell, shit, damn it, douchebag and ass hole.   There is one reference to Jesus that might catch you off guard.  Someone does raise a middle finger and another will say something along the lines of “Thanos’ chin looks like a ball sack.”  I won’t disagree. 

SEXUAL CONTENT:  There’s no nudity in Avengers Infinity War.  There is a kissing scene.

VIOLENCE:  I think you’ll see more violence in Infinity War than in Captain America: Civil War.  You’ll see blood, explosions, stabbings, arms cut off and lots of “things” that are destroyed/killed.  There are “ugly” creatures/monsters that appear at certain points.    


AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR opens in theaters everywhere on April 27th!
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