dallas fort worthWe just celebrated Thanksgiving – a day we give thanks and enjoy a beautiful turkey for either lunch or dinner… or both! Then, for some of us, we eat it again the next day and the day after that, too.  After eating turkey for two days, we look for ways to kick it up a notch before giving up on the turkey leftovers entirely.

dallas fort worthLucky for you, I was invited to a media lunch with Chef Tim Love, a highly esteemed chef who has been victorious in the Iron Chef Kitchen competition and also battled on Top Chef Masters. Chef Tim Love, who is from Denton, Texas, owns several restaurants in Fort Worth including White Elephant Saloon, Love Shack, Woodshed Smokehouse, and The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro! Over lunch, we learned about turning those turkey leftovers into a tasty brunch your family will ask for every single year!

tim loveMy colleagues and I arrived in the test kitchen where we saw a plethora of ingredients from Nutella to pickled chiles to Thanksgiving stuffing!  Little did I know, we would soon play a game of “Stump the Chef” where the media would choose 3 or 4 ingredients and turn the selections over to Chef Love to create a tasty sandwich served on a Thomas bagel or English muffin.  Challenge accepted!

dallasThe first challenge: pickled quail eggs, avocados, and a few other (daring) ingredients. In just a few minutes Chef Tim Love made this beautiful open faced sandwich served on an English muffin!  It was amazing and something I wouldn’t mind eating every afternoon!

dallasThe second challenge included turkey and pickled peppers, which also turned into a delicious treat!

dallas fort worthFinally, we had an even bigger challenge: turkey, lemons, blue cheese and Nutella! With the audience questioning the items chosen for the dish, Chef Tim Love added bacon and whipped up a sandwich that every restaurant wants to get their hands on!  This was so good!tim loveIt was fun to hear tips and information about bagels and Thanksgiving, and being in the company with great friends always makes for a great day!  I couldn’t wait to have turkey leftovers, to have our own challenge in the kitchen on Friday morning!


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