Some people put off cleaning their car because they never seem to remember to get to the store to buy detailing supplies.  But did you know that some household products can be used to make your vehicle so shiny it will look like new?  These products can be found right in your cabinets, so there’s no more excuses!


1. Toothpaste. If your headlights or tail lights seem to be dull, it’s time to get rid of the buildup on the covers. Squeeze some toothpaste onto the lights and use some elbow grease to clean them up.

2. Dish soap. There really is no need for fancy car soaps, so run to the kitchen and grab some dish soap for that bucket instead. Fill your bucket with water and add in a generous amount of dish soap. Dip your rag or sponge in and get scrubbing.

3. Fabric or dryer sheets. Instead of wiping down your dashboard with chemicals and a rag, reach for a dryer sheet instead. The dust will cling to the fabric sheet and will give your car a nice, fresh scent at the same time. 

4. Rubbing alcohol. If there is a stain in your car’s upholstery, dab the stain with some rubbing alcohol. Be sure to blog vs rub the stain, and be cautious and use a dye-free fabric to dab the stain away (use a white sock!) Test this method on an inconspicuous part of the upholstery to ensure that nothing noticeable is left behind in the process. You don’t want to make things worse.

5. Vinegar: Simply combine three parts water with one part vinegar, and you’ll have yourself a deodorizing and sanitizing solution that’s cheaper than comparable compounds and contains no questionable chemicals.

These simple household tricks should get your car looking fresh in clean, without having to run to the store for special supplies. Plus, you’ll save a little money if you already have these items in your kitchen!


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